Friday, January 9, 2009

Gators Get it Done

The Florida Gators got it done last night as they dismantled the powerful Oklahoma offense en route to their second national championship over the last three years. It was a good game... not a great game. In the end its hard to believe that a game can live up to USC Texas from a few seasons ago.

What was expected to be an offensive battle turned into a defensive struggle as both teams struggled to put up points. In the end it was the Florida D that made the difference. They were able to pick off Bradford twice; including one at the goal line at the end of the first half.

Harvin had a spectacular game as he piled up 171 total yards and a TD even with a high ankle sprain. Tebow also had a solid game, 231 yards passing 2 tds (including a jump pass) but the real difference maker was the legs. Tebow had 22 runs for 109 yards.

Now lets make this clear. I like Tebow and he is a damn good QB and a great leader but I'm getting tired of how much people are worshipping him. Did he stop Chris Brown twice at the line? Did he block the field goal? Did he somehow mind control those two balls into the hands of Florida defenders? No. Now I'm sure his leadership helped but he was not the difference maker in this game and he didn't 'will' his team to victory in this one. He managed it well made some plays but the real heroes are the guys on defense.


Ian said...

If I were OK I'd be PISSED at this game. They were the more "sophisticated" offense: i.e. they ran and passed without weird gimmick runs. The hesitation right before the snap was lame though. But anyway Florida was definitely the more "college" team, and for most of the game they got outplayed. Must be extremely frustrating for Oklahoma.

Ian said...

And, by the way, your prediction turned out to be totally true. Pat yourself on the back.

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