Friday, January 2, 2009

Utah Dominates Alabama; Saban Looks for Backdoor

Pretty much from the start the Utah Utes controlled this year's Sugar Bowl against Alabama. They become the first non-BCS team to win two BCS bowls and have a legitimate case for a national championship berth but the current system does not allow such things.

Utah QB Brian Johnson went off on Nick Saban's defense and racked up 336 yards passing and three touchdowns. The Utes defense also had a big day as they picked off John Parker Wilson twice and sacked him eight times, the last forcing a fumble that killed all hopes of a comeback. 'Bama missed their big tackle Andre Smith who usually propels the Crimson Tides power running game. 'Bama did not push around the Utes like they have other teams all year. The Utah defense played fast and disciplined. They did not submit to Nick Saban's will.

The Tide made it interesting early in the second half when they scored 17 unanswered points but Utah stepped on their throats with another Brian Johnson TD pass and then cruised to the W.

Nick Saban looked particularly restless on the sidelines as he paced around and watched his team get manhandled by the Mountain West Conference. Saban has now been in Alabama for two years I wonder if he is eyeing that NFL...

Utah beat every team they faced this year which includes Oregon State (who beat USC), TCU, BYU and now Alabama. They have made a serious bid for a national title but like USC it will never happen in the system we have now. Imagine a USC, Utah match up... really just imagine it because that is as close as we will come.

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Mark Herren said...

I commend and Congratulate Utah on a remarkable season and Sugar Bowl win. Alabama and Nick Saban have put both barrels into recruiting before opening Spring Camp. That is when they will have to find more leadership and a Quarterback.
Greg McElroy (ex teammate of Missouri's QB ) will get his long awaited chance. He will have plenty of competition for that job with three Freshmen.