Monday, June 30, 2008

Heisman Watch

The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious award in college football. To win the Heisman means your name will be in the same class as Reggie Bush, Herschel Walker, Barry Sanders, Archie Griffin, Danny Weurfel, Eric Crouch and of course Mr. Chris Wenkie. Every week we will spot light one player who is on that short list of Heisman hopefuls.

Chase Daniel

This "undersized" senior is returning for his final year at the University of Missouri. Under coach Gary Pinkel and his spread option Chase Daniel has emerged as a Heisman favorite although questions have been raised about his height (He stands less than 6 feet tall). Last year he threw for over 4,000 yards and 33 touchdowns on his way to being named Big-12 Offensive Player of the Year although he had his sights set much higher. Going into the Big-12 Championship game his Missouri Tigers were ranked #1 in the land and Chase was on his way to holding up the Heisman Trophy in NYC. Oklahoma, however, had not gotten the memo. They dismantled Daniel and his Tigers on their way to a 17-38 victory. In one game the Tiger's National Championship aspirations, as well as Daniel's hopes for the Heisman, were destroyed.

There is no doubt that Daniels will be using that as motivation over these summer months as he prepares for his final college season and a run at the Heisman Trophy

Charlie Weiss Has a Stud

Notre Dame is getting a stellar running back to go with Jimmy Clausen, Mr. Fumble. The horrible under-achieving Irish are going to need all the help they can get. While he can't play defense for the lackluster squad he is a home-run threat, insider bruiser and reciever all wrapped in to one. Take a look.

Ray Ray Finds Solace at Howard

In late 2006 the story of Ray Ray McElrathbey, a running back at Clemson, spread across the nation. Ray Ray, 19 years old at the time, formerly adopted his 11 year old brother from their broken home (mom addicted to crack and father addicted to gambling). Ray Ray became Fahmarr's legal guardian. 19 years old. Most college kids that age are worrying more about what party to go to rather than what movie he and his brother should watch. The NCAA then allowed Ray Ray to take aid from the school in the form of food clothes and babysitting, a very rare feat. All was well.

Then Tommy Bowden showed his true colors. In March 2007 he announced that Ray Ray would not be returning to the football team. They were pulling his scholarship because "we're pretty good at running back." That is pathetic. Where is the allegiance to a young man who is staying in on his weekends to take care of his brother. He washed cars and mowed lawns in his free time in order to provide more for Fahmarr. But Bowden decided that he was not the kind of kid he wanted in his program. Recently a Clemson safety was arrested on assault charges for strangling his girlfriend. Now that is a good judge of character on Bowden's part.

Ray Ray, however, has found a new home, Howard. He announced this week that he will transfer to the school because of it's academics. He will indeed take his brother with him. The two should have no problems, they have overcome a lot more than the cold-hearted Tommy Bowden.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Duke Sucks

So a Kentucky judge has ruled in favor of the Duke Blue Devils Football program in their case against Louisville. Duke had a deal with Lousiville that they would play four times from 2002 to 2009. After getting killed last time the Dukies wished to opt out of their contract. Their platform was that their team was so awful that ANY division I team would fit as a replacement. A Kentucky judge agreed, saying "Your football team stinks"

I agree. When you have only one 10 games since 2000 your pretty awful. USC has won 81 games during that same time-span. Including 6 seasons with more than 10 wins.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Guy Who Is Going to Make Big East Coaches Cry

Noel Devine is Good

Top 10

Here is my top 10:

1) Georgia Bulldogs: Any team that has a QB with an arm like Stafford and a running back like Knowshon Moreno has to be considered the best team in the land.

2) USC Trojans: ESPN ranked Ohio State #2 but there is no way you can really consider putting a Big-10 team in the top 5. There is no doubt that USC has more talent than any other program in the country. It seems like whenever a star graduates Pete Carrol has no problem reloading. If Mark Sanchez can stay out of trouble than the Trojans have what could be another National Championship. Don't forget Joe McKnight running the ball.

3) Oklahoma Sonners: Bob Stoops is one hell of a coach. Any team that has him at the helm has got to have a legit chance at the top spot. Also they are 5-1 in the Big 12 championship game.

4) Florida Gators: The Heisman Trophy winner is under center and lighting in a bottle, Percy Harvin will be back. If Emmanuel Moody, the USC transfer, can shape up (not looking likely) than this team has a real good shot.

5) Texas Tech Raiders: These guys can flat out score. Michael Crabtree, the freshman phenom, will have to be big again if Texas Tech wants to reach new heights.

6) West Virginia Mountaineers: Who needs Rich Rodriquez when you have Noel Devine. With Pat White back again the Mountaineers have the chance to be good. Very good.

7) Ohio State Buckeyes: This still may be high for a Big-10 team. There is no escaping it. The Big-10 is the weakest BCS conference.

8) Missouri Tigers:It is becoming a pattern. A team with a solid QB (Chase Daniels) and a speedster receiver (Jeremy Macklin) is a threat and Missouri is no different.

9)Clemson Tigers:Tommy Bowden will try and take his team to the next level. They have never won an ACC Title and this could be the year.

10) Auburn Tigers: The Tigers are putting the spread option into the playbook this year. If it works they can be great. If it doesn't they are going to struggle against those quick SEC defenses.


So this is my first attempt at a sports blog. I will post on all the happenings of college football from Division I to Division III. With updates, photos and videos from all the happenings around the country.

And for those of you who don't know the play in which this site is named after here it is:

It is by far one of the most famous plays in sports. One little known fact is that John Elway was the losing QB for Stanford in his last game as a college player.