Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now this is a hit


Is anyone outside of Ohio actually surprised

There is no doubt anymore that Ohio State is just plain overrated. They beat up on Big-10 schools that don't have much fire power themselves and ride the wave of false hope all the way to a loss.

Ohio State has now lost every big they have played in over the last 3 season (OSU Michigan is not a big game). I mean the National Championship game against Florida was an absolute blow out. The game against LSU last year was a blow out. The game this year was an absolute blow out. Were not even talking about bad luck and bad breaks for this team. Were talking about them just being plain mediocre. It is not a matter of one bad day any more. This program is just not that good.

On the other hand USC looked damn good. Sanchez just threw his name into the Heisman race big time and as long as USC runs the table (good chance of this) than they will easily be in the national championship game.

I mean its probably not really a possibility but Jim Tressel may be on the hot seat. This program doesn't just expect Big-10 Championships. They want national respect and national championships and Jim Tressel doesn't look like he is the guy to do it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The wait till next year rivalry

What makes college football so unique is that the cream of the crop always rises to the top and usually stays up there. Programs like USC, Ohio State and Florida don't have down years. Its National Championship or bust. There is no cap just scholarship limits. If you can convince the two best QBs in the country to come to your school and battle it out than good for you.

Notre Dame and Michigan are normally mentioned in that conversation but not this year. They are both going through a rare dry spells that have been highlighted by losses to schools like Appalachian State and Navy.

This game normally has large implications because at least one of these teams has championship aspirations, if not both.

But this years game does not meet the criteria. Michigan has already lost at home this year and Notre Dame did not look to impressive against a very weak San Diego State opponent. What is normally one of the most exciting games of the season might just be one of the ugliest.

Michigan's growing pains are not going away anytime soon. Rich Rod's offense is not one of those overnight deals, especially when the right talent is not in place yet.

Notre Dame is in worse shape. Charlie Wiess looks like a manatee out of water in the college game. He may have had some early success but his lack of recruiting is showing fast. Notre Dame is far from where they have been, even with Jimmy Clausen.

So this Saturday when your looking for some quality college football look a lot further than this game. Maybe next year?

Heisman Watch: Week two

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top 5 contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

1) Tim Tebow

Last years winner continues to look good. Almost 300 yards passing about 50 yards rushing and two TDs. Performance Grade: B+

2) Chase Daniel

He is absolutely lighting it up. About 245 yards passing and two TDs in limited action. Performance Grade: B

3) Beanie Wells

He didn't play against Ohio so hes going to sit right at #3. A lot will change after this weekend and we see him against the USC defense. Performance Grade: Injured

4) Knowshown Moreno

He wasn't on the list last week but thats because Georgia hadn't let their stallion out of the stable yet. But once they did he made CMU look stupid and racked up 168 yards and three touchdowns in the process. (See Highlight up top) Performance Grade: B+

5) Sam Bradford

395 Yards passing and five touchdowns. He hasn't started play in the Big 12 play yet but so far so good. Performance Grade: A-

Whose name fell out of the race?

Graham Harrell. His Heisman Chances rested on breaking records and hes already off the pace. No Dice.

Whose name is now in the race?

Jahvid Best. 200 yards and three tds on 14 carries.

We know the secret to ECU Football


watch the bottom right of your screen

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Roundup: The New U

Here is a round up of the later games on Saturday

Florida 26 Miami 3

This game was a lot closer than the score reflects. At half it was 9-3 Florida and it was not until late in the 4th quarter that the Tebow Show took over. So is Miami the "U" or is Florida?

Arizona St 41 Stanford 17

I thought Stanford might sneak up on Dennis Erickson and the Sun Devils but boy I was wrong. Arizona State is looking good. Although they have a beast of a schedule. In four straight games they play Georgia, Cal, USC and Oregon.

Texas 42 UTEP 13

This was the first time these two teams met since 1933 and UTEP had visions of them taking down the Longhorns but it was not to be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is the only time I'll defend the state of Washington

I have not seen a team get this screwed in a very long time.

Lets set the stage.

There is less than 10 seconds left in the game and Washington is down 21-28 to #15 BYU. It is 3rd and goal for the Huskies and Jake Locker takes the snap and sprints to his left. He dodges a few tacklers and dives into the endzone. He jumps up and tosses the football over his shoulder and celebrates with his teammates.

The officials slap him with a 15 yard excessive celebration penalty and Washington proceeds to miss the game-tying extra point and BYU squeaks away with the win.

This is absurd for so many reasons.

First of all why the hell are the officials making that kind of call so late in the game. I can see penalizing him early in the game but officials should not decide the outcome of the game. Players and coaches control the outcome not officials.

Also there was nothing that excessive about the celebration.

The rule states that a player can't throw the ball high in the air but what Locker did really wasn't that bad. His celebration was in no way a taunt or demeaning to the other team. The kid just made a hell of a play and was pumped up.

To basically single this kid out and turn him from hero to hated because of a celebration is just absurd.

College football is what it is because of the passion and emotion. By making this call the officials are ruining what everyone loves about college football. Theses players are not paid entertainers they are kids. They are my age and let me tell you when I score a goal in intramural soccer I have more excessive celebrations.

The officials really made a big big mistake.

Not the Worst Saturday Ever

This morning I was sitting in front of the TV thinking this is one of the worst day of games I've seen in a long time. Although it has shaped up to be a pretty solid afternoon.

Wake Forest 30 Ole Miss 28

This so far is the game of the week (Florida Miami still going on). After the ACC was pummeled last week more than just Wake fans were looking for the Deacs to take down an SEC foe. The real surprise was how well Jevan Snead looked after a lackluster season opener. But the real story was Sam Swank who kicked the game winning 41 yard field goal with :03 left on the clock. The deacs are looking good.

Bringham Young 28 Washington 27

This is one of the most ridiculous loses I have seen in a long while but there will be more about this later.

East Carloina 24 West Virginia 3

Well ECU is the best story of college football so far. After upseting Virginia Tech last week the Pirates disposed of #8 WVU. Can you say BCS buster?

Ohio State 26 Ohio 14

Without Beanie Wells this team did not have the same type of swagger they did last week. Wells should be OK for USC next weekend but Ohio State is not looking so impressive.

Georgia Tech 19 Boston College 16

Well Paul Johnson's triple option continues to impress. Georgia Tech proved that they are for real against a legitmate opponent.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week Two Preview

With the first week in books we move on to the second week of the season. While there aren't as many headline games this weekend there are a couple of games to look for.

Miami at Florida

The ACC is coming off an extremely lackluster weekend and could use a shot in the arm. They won't get it here though. Miami is far from the glory days in the early 2000s and just don't have the talent they used to. Look for Florida to put down the hurricanes easily.

Stanford at Arizona State

Stanford may not be the cream of the crop in the Pac-10 but they are certainly on the upswing. After taking down Oregon State last week they will try and dispose of another conference foe. Dennis Erikson may have his eye on the Georgia game in a few weeks but not likely. Arizona State will take down Stanford.

Ole Miss at Wake Forest

Wake is the only ACC team to be ranked in the top-25. After a good win against Baylor, Wake opens their season at home. Jevan Snead, the former Texas QB, had a solid outing last week and hopes to continue that success in Winston Salem. Ole Miss will put up a fight but Wake will squeak away with the win.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Heisman Watch: First Weekend

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top 5 contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

#1 Tim Tebow

When the previous years Heisman winner returns for his junior year he has to be atop the list. Tebow's numbers were small against Hawaii (137 yards passing 1 td and 37 yards on the ground) Florida didn't need him so they didn't want him banged up. Performance Grade: C+

#2 Chase Daniel

323 yards passing and 3 tds as well as 47 yards on the ground. This was a big start for Daniels who took down a top 25 team and didn't let the expectations get to him. Performance Grade: B+

#3 Beanie Wells

Well he racked up 111 yards and a TD before going down with a foot injury. No word on how serious it is but this could derail the Beanie Wells bandwagon. Performance Grade: B-

#4 Pat White

He flashed the arm and threw for 208 yards and 5 scores as well as he feet (63 yards rushing). If he can keep up these kind of passing numbers and throw in a few running scores we got ourselves a serious Heisman contender. Performance Grade: B+

#5 Graham Harrell

He absolutely lit it up 536 yards passing and three total touchdowns. Problem for him is he might split votes with his WR Michael Crabtree. B+

Whose name fell out of the race?

Armanti Edwards. While he was always a long shot he really needed a big day on that kind of stage to stand anychance.

Whose name is now in the race?

Juice Williams. Ya its only one game but if he can keep those numbers up he has to be in the conversation.

The Roundup: Part 2

So now we have a full weekend of college football action behind us (minus two games). Well where do we stand?

#1 Georgia 45 Georgia Southern 21

Knowshown Moreno and Matt Stafford looked solid in their season opener. Their defense not quite as good but expect those problems to go away as the season moves on. Impact Freshman A.J. Green had a good day as well. All is well in Athens.

#2 Ohio State 43 Youngstown St 0

The story of this game was Beanie Wells who went down with a foot injury. No official word on how serious it is. Every Buckeye fan is holding their breath right now. Oh Terrell Pryor looked good in his limited action. If Wells goes down for some time expect Pryor to play a bigger role.

#3 USC 52 Virginia 7

USC looked very very good. Sanchez's knee was not an issue as he threw for 300+ yards and three scores. The real story was how good the defense looked. They are fast, big and very physical. The road to the national championship goes right through the Trojans' D.

#6 Missouri 52 #20 Illinois 42

This game was a display of QB prowess. Chase Daniel and Juice Williams combined for 750+ passing yards and
8 scores. Missouri squeaked out with the win but Illinois turned some heads. Jeremy Maclin, who had two big returns for scores went down with an injury although it does not appear so serious

#9 Clemson 10 #24 Alabama 34

Well it did not take long for Clemson to fold like a cheap tent. Alabama is either a lot better than we thought or the SEC is just light years ahead of the ACC.

#17 Virginia Tech 22 East Carolina 27

You think Frank Beamer is regretting redshirting Tyrod Taylor? I'm not sure, but this was just another example of ACC shortcomings on Saturday.

#25 Pittsburgh 17 Bowling Green 27

This does not surprise me. I always felt Pitt was overrated. They really only beat WVU last year and all of a sudden they were a top 25 program. This is a down program with a down coach. Dave Wannstedt is not going to make it past this year if Pitt knows whats good for them.