Wednesday, December 31, 2008


December 31st

Armed Forces Bowl

Houston v Air Force

This one is going on right now and its 17-17 going into half. Tune into this one cause it is shaping up to be a good one.

Sun Bowl
Pitt v Oregon State

Oregon State had their eyes on a Pac-10 Championship until a late season loss to Oregon crushed those dreams. They lost in the first week to Stanford but their only other loss came to Utah who is a BCS team. This is a damn good team that should roll through Pitt. The Panthers will need a big game from Shady McCoy to have a chance.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl
BC v Vanderbilt

The ACC runner up takes on a solid SEC squad. A win by BC could go a long way in gaining some respect back for the ACC.

Chic-Fil-A Bowl
Georgia Tech v LSU

This is going to be a special game. Georgia Tech rolled over Georgia in their last game and are looking to trounce another SEC opponent. Can the defending national champs slow down Paul Johnson's triple option?

Janurary 1st

Rose Bowl
USC v Penn State

This game kicks off the BCS bowls and I'm not even going to bullshit here. I want USC to absoluetly pummel Penn State. I don't want it to even be close; I want USC to control every aspect of the game so that Big Ten whinners can accept that their conference is weak.

Orange Bowl
Cincinnati v Virginia Tech

This is the battle of mediocrity... which conference is the worst in the land? The loser of this game will tell us

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does Anyone Really Care about the Bowls?

Well after spending hours watching the Bowl and the MagicJack St. Petersburg Bowl and all the other absurd named bowls I've decided I don't like bowl season. I know GASP... how could I say that... yada yada yada.

But think about it... does watching games pitting Notre Dame and Hawaii or Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan really get you going? Obviously a good game is a good game but with so many bowls each game loses their appeal. I'm not talking about the January games that include the top teams in the country but the games that give a mediocre 7-5 team a chance to win a pointless game.

I understand its all about money and the schools like to have the bowl games but the amount of teams included in bowl season is just a little absurd. Since when did football players need to be coddled and have their self esteem boosted by giving them a useless bid to a bullshit game. The Humanitarian bowl could barley sell tickets this year because no one wanted to go to Boise to watch Maryland and Nevada pretend to play football against each other.

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy having games like Boise and TCU and a few of the other gems that we have this winter but all the other games dilute the few good ones. It should be about quality over quantity not the other way around.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Inside the Recruiting World

The NY Times followed blue-chip prospect Jamarkus McFarland as he limped his way through the non-stop recruiting world that is big-time division I football. He was pursued by the best of the best; OU, Texas, LSU and USC. It is scary how the world works; Alcohol, drugs, sex... where do I sign up?

The article is great and deserves a full read but some of the highlights include;

Mack Brown has Flat-Screen TVs in every single room in his home... even the bathrooms

Bob Stoops watched "Beauty Shop" with McFarland's grandmother and helped set and clear the table for dinner

emailed her practically everyday. McFarland was also offered a spot on the President's Class which gave him extra At first McFarlands mom did not like Norman but was sold when D-Line coach, Jackie Shippacademic value (McFarland is indeed a good student, a rarity for college football players.)

McFarland's mom was offered any type of loan she wanted, from a former classmate, if she could get her son to commit to Texas. This was offered by a booster and had no affiliation with Mack Brown and the coaching staff

At a recruiting trip to LSU "hostesses" sat on recruits laps

At a party in Texas McFarland commented that alcohol and drugs flowed freely and women were stripping and making out. He commented on their lack of values

It really makes you realize that it is not the coaching staffs here that are truly breaking the rules. An extra text or email in this situation is nothing compared to the parties and offers that Texas alumni and boosters are all too eager to offer. Texas is not the only school that has this problem but the NCAA of course is at a loss to find a way to crackdown on these kind of offers. Of course they are great at punishing the little things but can't ever catch the big fish.

I mean what is a young kid to do when all the vices in the world are at his ready. I'm sure the coaching staffs are aware of these kind of infractions but they are not going to stop it. It is absurd what these kids are offered and how these coaches sell their souls to land a top player.

Weekend Preview

Well this is round two of the college bowl season and were getting some special match ups;


Meinike Car Care Bowl

The clash of the mediocre conferences starts with this bowl game. ACC vs Big East... battle of who sucks the least.

Champs Sports Bowl
Wisconsin vs Florida State

This should be a rushing battle as both teams have leaned heavily on their running backs. Both teams are coming off disappointing years in their respective conferences and are looking to end it with a bowl game win.

Emerald Bowl
Miami vs Cal

Miami looked like they were on their way to the ACC championship game but a few late losses and they are now playing in the Emerald Bowl. They are going to have to play tough run defense as Cal has one of the better backs in college football with Jahvid Best.

Monday Bowl
Rutgers vs NC State

Rutgers started 1-5 and NC State 2-6 but both teams were able to turn it around and make a bowl game. It is another ACC- Big East Clash... Who Sucks more????

Valero Alamo Bowl
Missouri vs Northwestern

This is not where Missouri envisioned themselves at the start of the season. They had dreams of a national championship and a Heisman but none the less here they are in San Antonio trying to beat a Big Ten surprise.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Digs

Well faithful readers the college football season is winding down... I know it hurts. But during the off season when worthwhile college football news is few and far between I will be working on another site; 7 to the 4.

This new blog is about baseball in New York City. If you haven't figured out I live in the shadow of the big apple (hence being a Rutgers fan) and will blog about the Mets and the Yankees.

This does not mean the end of this site. I will still be posting on here all spring and summer but just want something a little more constant. I can only blabber on about recruiting visits so many times.

So ya check out the new site. If your not a baseball fan then stick around here.

Thanks for your support.

[7 to the 4]

The AP is Giving Stuff Out

Heisman.... Check

Davey O'Brien.... Check

First Team All-American... Check

AP Player of the Year.... CHECK

Sam Bradford has pretty much racked up every major award this season (except for Big XII player of the year but go figure). The AP awarded the OU gunslinger yet again with their most prestigious award.

The AP also named Nick Saban coach of the year for his great season down in Alabama. Personally I think its the good looks but that is just me.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Haywood Joins Greats like Tressel, Schembechler and Hayes

Miami (Ohio) has snagged themselves a new coach. Mike Haywood, the Notre Dame offensive coordinator, has agreed to step in for the Redhawks and lead this storied program.

Miami has a long line of great football coaches that spent time coaching in Oxford, Ohio. This fraternity, also known as the "Cradle of Coaches," includes Al Parseghian, Bo Schembechler, Woody Hayes and Jim Tressel.

He takes over a team that went 2-10 last season but has a tradition of winning. Their most recent season's have been lackluster but at one point this program put together 12 straight winning seasons. Ohio is a great state to recruit and Haywood is familiar with the trails as he has spent the last four seasons at Notre Dame. He has also worked under Mack Brown at Texas and Nick Saban in LSU, which just bolster's his resume.

The real question is can Haywood succeed in Oxford? Charlie Weiss recently took over the playcalling duties from Haywood. Although Weiss has had no more success than Haywood did, it still makes you raise an eyebrow.

Mike Haywood has a great opportunity infront of him. Being successful at that school has lead to great things for a number of coaches. If he can transform this program quickly he very well could be high on the list of candidates to replace Charlie Weiss in the coming years.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Poinsettia Spotlight

The Boise State Broncos were one of two undefeated teams this season but they were left out of the BCS in favor of fellow mid major Utah. While this isn't a BCS bowl, The Poinsettia Bowl, is one of the premier match ups of this bowl season as #9 Boise takes on #11 TCU.

While Boise ran the table this year they only really had one big win, against #17 Oregon. Their schedule lacked the top-tier match up. TCU on the other hand had a couple of games against ranked teams, but lost 2 out of 3 (OU and Utah). They did take down BYU, which pretty much ended the Cougar's BCS dreams.

Ian Johnson, the Bronco's running back who scored the infamous two-point conversion against OU, is playing his final game of his career tonight. While that was the peak of his career, he still has a chance to break Marshall Faulk's WAC rushing touchdown record. Although he has to do it against one of the best run defenses in the league.

So tune in tonight for the Poinsettia Bowl to watch the best non-BCS bowl of this holiday season. It may not have the big-time name but it sure has big-time talent and that is all that matters.

Bad News For Michigan Fans

Well one of their two QB recruits, Shavodrick Beaver, has switched his commitment from Michigan to Tulsa. This is a serious blow to the Wolverines as Beaver was considered one of the top dual threat QBs in the class. Michigan still has Tate Forcier, from California, committed and he is no slack. He can run a 4.55 40 and many consider him a great fit in Rich Rod's offense but no doubt that losing Beaver is going to hurt the Wolverines.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hawaii Wants to Prove Themselves.... Again

After last year's blowout against Georgia it was obvious that the Hawaii Warriors were just not quite ready to be a top tier program but they weren't ready to accept that fact. This year, with mastermind head coach June Jones gone as well as Heisman candidate Colt Brennan, the Warriors slipped to 7-6 but they are eying their bowl match up with Notre Dame on Christmas Eve as a chance to showcase their program.

"Senior linebacker Adam Leonard said ... "slowly but surely, kind of in the darkness, we've been building up a program where we have good athletes who can play ball ... We just haven't had the opportunity to showcase that. That's why we have to take full advantage of the opportunities we have now"

"Solving the Irish, even the 6-6 version that arrives in Honolulu late Friday, would be
considered a nice type of validation. The Notre Dame name still carries cachet at this most remote college football outpost, and therefore Hawaii views this as another of those rare marquee moments to seize."

It is true. The Notre Dame name does mean something... well kind of. But the Warriros had their chances already this season; they played Florida, Cincinnati, Oregon State and Boise State and lost to all of them. Either one of those wins could have made quite a statement but Hawaii just could not seal the deal. A win over Notre Dame would help validate the program but in the end it doesn't mean all that much. The irish are a down and out program that don't strike much fear into their opponents.

But Hawaii still wants to heal its wounds from last year and taking it out on the Irish is a good way to start.

[Chicago Tribune]

Weekend Preview

Well we are opening the bowl season on Saturday. Lets take a look:

EagleBank Bowl
Wake Forest vs Navy

The underachieving deacons take on a team that already beat them this year. Its the first time in 63 years that WFU is playing a team for a second time in a season but the question is whether they can win this time

New Mexico Bowl
Fresno State vs Colorado State

Fresno State is still thinking about what could have been. A lot of people were picking them to be this years top mid-major.

Magicjack St. Petersburg Bowl
South Florida vs Memphis

This should be a high scoring affair as both teams run a spread-type offense. South Florida was ranked #10 at one point before imploding at the end of the season. Should be a home game for the bulls as their school is a short drive away.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl
BYU vs Arizona

This is probably the best game of the weekend as both defenses should struggle to keep points off the board. Arizona is a quality team that gave USC a mid-season scare and BYU had their eyes on the BCS till they lost a close one to TCU.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB

Not that it really comes as a surprise but Tim Tebow will seek an evaluation from the NFL advisory committee about his draft prospects this year. The junior QB has won a national championship (with another one pending) and the Heisman Trophy but the accolades will end there.

Tim Tebow will not pan out in the NFL as a QB. Tebow exemplifies the difference between college and the pros. He is a good passer but not a great passer. He completes about 66% of his passes but in Meyers offense that is nothing off the charts. There are a lot of quick passes and dump off to backs that help bolster those numbers. He also doesn't really rack it up through the air. Only once this year has he thrown for over 300 yards. His arm strength just is not pro-caliber. Tebow is also known for his running ability but in the pros that will be almost non-existent. He is a bruising runner but he won't be able to bull-over NFL linebackers like he does in college. He also doesn't really have breakaway speed and can't make players miss. He is good at alot of things but not great at anything. Also he has never run a pro-style offense. In high school and college he ran a type of spread offense and your not going to see that one in the NFL.

Now don't get me wrong. Tebow will get drafted but probably in the late 2nd or 3rd round. The real question however is whether or not that team wants to keep him at QB. It is possible that he could become a Ben Roethlisberger type player; a solid leader who is not a running QB but can certainly buy himself time with his feet and throw on the run.

More realistically, however, Tebow's best chance at success in the NFL is as a versatile player. Tebow could do a lot of things for an offense. He could be a 2nd or 3rd QB who could run a wildcat/single wing type package, which has had a resurgence this season. He also could be a TE/WR/HB combo. He is the type of player that could change things up and make defensive coordinators uneasy. He can run well enough to garner attention from safeties at WR and you never know when he could throw one deep on a trick play. He also could possibly play linebacker or maybe safety.

What is most important however is that Tebow must accept this change. He can't fight it. He will get his chance to be a QB but if he does not progress then he has to accept his new role and not be stubborn. If it works out he could end up like the next Antwan Randel El or if it flops, the next Eric Crouch.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why is Turner Gill Still in Buffalo?

Without a doubt one of the best young coaches on the market is Buffalo's Turner Gill. Last year his name was getting tossed around for some coaching vacancies but it was this season that you expected to see Gill make the jump from mid-major to big time program. However, it has not panned out as people would have thought and Gill is returning to Buffalo.

Turner Gill spent his playing years lighting it up as a QB for the University of Nebraska in the early 1980s. He lead them to a 28-2 record as a starter and was a Heisman finalist. After a short stint in the CFL Gill returned to Nebraska as a graduate assistant and then took over as QB coach from 1992-2003 and then became the receivers coach in 2004. While at Nebraska he was apart of three national championships and coached Tommy Frazier and Eric Crouch.

Gill took over in Buffalo in late 2005 and took his team to only two wins in their first season. He improved to 5-7 in his next season but it was this past year, his third year, that Gill broke out with an 8-5 record that included a MAC championship.

In just three short season Gill transformed the worst program in division I-A football into a championship program. Unfortunately for Gill we will indeed find out how far he can take this Buffalo team. After interviewing at Syracuse and Auburn he was passed on for coaches with less experience.

Charles Barkley chalked it up to racism and it does beg the question as to why Gill is returning to Buffalo. It just does not add up. He has been successful at every level, as a player, as an assistant coach and as a head coach. He is a constant winner and has the ability to be the face of a program and a school. He is a young and very successful black coach and that is not something you come by very often. In fact Gill is one of three black head coaches in I-A football. That would give him a huge recruiting edge in a sport where the majority of athletes are not white. It is hard to come up with an argument against Gill; he has done nothing but win football games.

I can't tell you why he is still in Buffalo but at some point a major program is going to step up and take a chance on Turner Gill and they going to reap the benefits of a great football coach.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JoePa Has New Hip and New Contract

After months of speculation Joe Paterno has a new contract to go with that new hip of his. Penn State has decided to keep Paterno, the winningest college football coach of all-time, as the head coach of the Nittany Lions through 2011. Both parties are aware that this contract could very well be shortened or lengthened depending on future circumstances.

It is very hard to imagine Penn State without JoePa at the helm but he is turning 82 on Sunday and that is quite old. Every year Paterno spends more and more time in the booth and not on the field and he leans heavily on his assitants to do a bulk of the coaching. If he makes it through the 2009 season it will mark his 60th season as a coach at Penn State.

With that said Penn State won the Big-10 this year and has a chance to take down USC in the Rose Bowl. They were on a collision course with the BCS championship game until a close game loss to Iowa.

Apparently JoePa is scared he will go the way of the great Bear Bryant who passed away just 28 days after stepping down as the head coach of Alabama at age 69.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Charles Barley Calls Out Auburn

Charles Barley, the former Auburn and NBA star, has weighed in on the recent hire of Gene Chizik and he is not to happy about it. He ripped into Auburn for hiring Chizik over Buffalo's Turner Gill. Barkley believes that Gill was overlooked because he is a black coach.

"I think race was the No. 1 factor... You can say it's not about race, but you can't compare the two resumes and say [Chizik] deserved the job. Out of all the coaches they interviewed, Chizik probably had the worst resume."

"I just thought Turner Gill would be the perfect choice for two reasons: He's a terrific coach and we needed to make a splash. I thought we had to do something spectacular to bring attention to the program. Clearly, if we'd hired a black coach, it would have created a buzz."

While it is impossible to say with any certainty whether Gill was snubbed because of the color of his skin it does beg the question why Chizik? Granted he does have a connection to Auburn but Gill has shown he can be a head coach and he can turn a program around. He transformed Buffalo from one of the worst programs into the MAC champion, which is no small feat. Big name hires have been the norm the past two years in the SEC (Saban & Kiffin) and Chizik just doesn't create any buzz. Turner Gill would have indeed made a splash and given Auburn some credibility.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Auburn hires Coach Mediocrity

It appears that Tommy Tuberville resigned from Auburn after some high ranking officials gauged the interest of Bobby Petrino and Mike Leach a few weeks ago. Oh how big of a mistake that has turned out to be. Auburn has found Tubberville's replacement and it does not looking promising. Gene Chizik, the mediocre Iowa State head coach will be taking over at Auburn.

Chizik was the defensive coordinator for Auburn during their perfect season but has done very little for the Cyclones during his two seasons there. He has won only 5 games and has now left ISU in a very tight spot. One Cyclone wide receiver, Darlus Darks, posted a video on his facebook accusing Chizik of lying. In a second video Darks, who had a promising freshman season, told fans what he was going to do to Chizik's response. He proceeded to put on a Michigan State jersey and proclaimed his interest to transfer (both videos have been taken off and replaced with a third that says Darks is not sure whether hes leaving or not and an apology to fans).

There is no doubt that Chizik is a downgrade. Granted he had a hand in the Tiger's perfect season he has not shown much promise as a head coach. 5-19 over two years is not a good replacement for a coach who won 85 over 10 years, including a SEC championship. What is even more worrisome is that the Tiger's problems do not come on the defensive side of the ball, Chizik's specialty, but on the offensive side. The Tigers would have been better served with an offensive minded coach who could help jump start the dormant offense.

Most Auburn fan's are not excited about this recent hire. 81% of fans said that hiring Chizik was a mistake in a poll in the Birmingham News. In the SEC, where big names coaches are the norm, Gene Chizik strikes fear into the heart of no one.

Bradford Wins Heisman, Might Not Suck in NFL

The 74th winner of the Heisman Trophy is Oklahoma quarterback, Sam Bradford. He is just the second sophomore ever to win it; Tebow was the first last year. Bradford has had an absurd season and has lead an aerial assault across the best of the Big XII. He threw for 4,464 yards and 48 touchdowns, all while completing 68% of his passes.

This year was one of the best Heisman races in recent years, it was so close Tebow even received more first place votes than Bradford but finished third. It was the second place votes that propelled Bradford to the podium. Those two will meet in an even more direct setting when OU takes on Florida in the national championship game.

Normally the Heisman is not a great indicator of who has a bright future in the NFL (Eric Crouch) and that is OK. The purpose of the Heisman is not to predict the best future NFL star but the best college football player that year. But Bradford looks like he can be both. He is a pro-style QB who has the poise and athleticism to play the position at the next level. The question now is will Bradford make the jump? Most likely yes, but if OU loses the national championship you might see Bradford coming back to the Sooners.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Absolute Freak

Barry Sanders, the college years... just enjoy

Pat Devlin To Transfer; screwed by Penn State

Well after three seasons riding the bench the former four-star recruit, Pat Devlin has decided he is moving on to a new home. He informed JoePa earlier this week.

Devlin, currently a red-shirt sophomore, has been caught in a bad situation since high school. He originally committed to Miami after a very successful career at East Downingtown outside of Philly. After Larry Coker's firing he decided to withdraw his promise from the 'canes and go a little closer to home and chose Penn State.

Since being at Penn State he has sat behind Anthony Morrelli for two seasons and lost an pre-season battle with Daryll Clark, who still has another year of eligibility after this season. While Daryll Clark has indeed worked well for the Nittany Lions this year, leading them to a 11-1 record, its hard not to feel for Devlin who has basically been screwed by JoePa and Penn State.

Devlin contemplated transferring earlier this year but spent the season with Penn State and provided them with the most important touchdown of the year. A 1-yard touchdown run to beat Ohio State.

Pat Devlin is a pro-style QB, standing at 6'4'' and 222 pounds with a big-time arm. He previously discussed Division 1-AA, and is a likley destination so he can avoid losing a year of eligibility but it is still unclear where he land; whoever does grab him will get a very talented, but overlooked quarterback.

Heisman Watch: Colt McCoy Edition

With the Heisman ceremony this Monday night lets take a closer look at Colt McCoy, Quarterback for Texas.

The Stats
291-375 (77.6 completion percentage)
3,445 yards throwing
32 passing TDs
7 interceptions
576 yards rushing
10 rushing TDs

Well McCoy has basically out-Tebowed Tebow this year. He has done it all for the Longhorns as they came so very close to the national title game. Texas doesn't really have any other stars to lean on. They don't have a 1,000 yard rusher (McCoy is their leading rusher) and they don't have any premier recievers. They have Colt McCoy and he lead them to a championship worthy season.

-He has been great all year, not just the last few weeks.
-He beat Sam Bradford heads up
-He has been more valuable to his team than Tebow or Bradford

-He didn't play for the Big XII title (not his fault really but it will hurt)
-He struggled in Texas' only loss to Texas Tech
-Lacks a signature Heisman moment (think Desmond Howard's pose or Bush's game against Fresno State)

Meyer's Lieutenant, Mullen, New Mississippi State Head Coach

After five dismal seasons at Mississippi State Sylvester Croom, the first black coach in the SEC, resigned. Miss State wasted no time and was able to claim Urban Meyer's right hand man as their next head coach.

Dan Mullen, a former All-Conference tight end at Ursinus College, has been with Meyer at three different stops. He was the QB coach at Bowling Green and is credited with tutoring Josh Harris, who wrecked havoc as the Bowling Green signal caller. He then moved with Meyer over to Utah and continued his QB work with future #1 overall pick Alex Smith. He filled in as interim offensive coordinator in the Fiesta Bowl and lead the Utes to a big-time win over Pitt. Once again he made the leap with Meyer to Florida, but this time as the offensive coordinator and QB coach. He is credited with Chris Leak's performances in 2006, which lead to a BCS championship and more recently has worked closely with Mr. Tebow himself. In fact Tebow holds him in such high regards that he said Mullen's status would weigh into his decision to stay at UF another year.

Those are pretty solid credentials. Although the big question is whether he can bring in the necessary talent to win the SEC. He is going to have to compete with Ole Miss over the states top players but should be able to get a foothold in Florida after his years as coordinator with the Gators. Mullen said after his introduction that "We’re going to get on the road recruiting right away, get those players in here from the state. We’re going to try to control this state in recruiting as best we can right now and get it cranked up and put a great team on the field next year."

Mississippi State is not known for their long line of great QBs. Mullen should be fine though, being able to walk into a young man's house and tell him he could be the next Tebow is a pretty good recruiting line.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Urban Meyer... Man or Myth

In 2005, after two very successful stints at Bowling Green and Utah, Urban Meyer accepted the head coaching job and Florida to much controversy. People screamed that his spread offense was great for a Utah or a mid-major but it could not handle the speed of the SEC. They said he didn't belong. Oh how wrong they were.

While Urban Meyer was successful as the head coach at Bowling Green it was at Utah that he really put himself on the map. In his first season in 2003 he went 10-2 and was named the Sporting News Coach of the Year. In 2004 his success continued as he lead the Utes to an undefeated season that culminated with a win against Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl. It was the first time a mid-major appeared in the BCS.

He became the main target of Notre Dame and Florida, eventually choosing the Gators. But when he finally took the job many people predicted his doom. His spread offense, which was basically the west coast offense mashed with the option could not succed on the next level. People said that speed that SEC defenses possessed would tear apart the gimmick "offense."

Four seasons later it is safe to say that his offense has done just fine and the critics have been silenced. In 2005 Meyer lead the gators to a 9-3 season and an undefeated record at home. His offense did not take full form yet because he did not have the right trigger-man. Chris Leak, once a prize recruit was just not the type of player that Meyer was looking for to run his offense. He brought in blue-chip recruit Tim Tebow to groom for the job. Using Leak's passing ability and Tebow's running prowess Meyer lead the 2006 Gators to a BCS Championship.

2007 was a down year, by Meyer's recent standards although Tebow did win the Heisman.

Now in 2008 Meyer stands on the verge of another title, powered by Tebow and the offense that could not succeed. If the Gators can pull in another BCS championship against OU this Janurary then Urban Meyer may just emerge as the best coach in the short BCS era. Over time he may solidfy himself with the likes of Bryant and Schembechler. Not bad for a coach who didn't belong.

Lets go Bowling

The regular season has come to an end which means BOWLSSSSSSSSSSS. Most of them suck/no one cares about but there are some gems to be seen. Here is a list of some potential great ones:

Pioneer Las Vegas Dec 20th
BYU vs. Arizona

Arizona is a better team than most people think. BYU is still thinking about what could have been.

Meineke Car Care Dec 27th
West Virginia vs. North Carolina

Two underachievers will want to try and end with a win

Pacific Life Holiday Dec 30th
Oklahoma State vs. Oregon

Both are good teams. Oregon lost 3 times this year and only one of them was by more than 10 points (USC)

Chick-fil-A Dec 31st
LSU vs. Georgia Tech

After beating Georgia to end the season Georgia Tech is looking to go 2-0 against the SEC

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi Jan 1st
Penn State vs. USC

This one has the potential to be the best game of the bowl season. Or USC will just rumble through JoePa's lions

AT&T Cotton Jan 2nd
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

Ole Miss beat Florida... enough said

Allstate Sugar Jan 2nd
Utah vs. Alabama

Can Utah win another BCS bowl?

Tostitos Fiesta Jan 5th
Ohio State vs. Texas

Can Ohio State finally show up in a big game?

FedEx BCS National Championship Game Jan 8th
Florida vs. Oklahoma

Tim Tebow, Sam Braford, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops... the list keeps on going

Monday, December 8, 2008

Heisman Watch: Week 15

This is the last watch for the season. More in depth analysis will follow in the days leading up to the ceremony this Monday.

Sam Bradford

Another game... another 300+ yards passing. Oh ya and two touchdowns. It was the 5th consecutive time his offense has dropped 60+ on a team. His chances look good but it is just too hard to tell. Being a sophomore may hurt, although it had no effect on Tebow last year. Performance Grade: B+

Colt McCoy

He had the weekend off thanks to the Big XII but his trip to NYC has already been booked. It appears to be down to him and Bradford but there is always....

Tim Tebow

His numbers are not as good as last year but I bet he has no problem with trading a SEC title and a possible national title for a Heisman. Although who knows. Maybe he can have both. Going 14-22 for 216 yards and 3 TDs (56 yards rushing) against the #1 team will sure help. Performance Grade: B+

Graham Harrell

He was off as well this weekend and he has no shot at the trophy but the question remains. Will he be invited to New York for the ceremony? That in itself is quite a stride for a Texas Tech QB.

For more analysis Heismanpundit

Tearing Down Dennis Dodd

This is an absolute special gem from college football writer, Dennis Dodd:

Looking to fix BCS system? Here's an answer: Two national champs

From the start you know this is going to be too easy.

I'm here to help. After much thought, after sifting through hundreds of e-mail suggestions over the years and after being struck by a bolt of lightning this playoff revelation came to me ...

1. If you can accept the concept of two national champions each season then read on. That's what this playoff proposal is based on.

This looks like a good place to start. No I can not accept two national champions. What the hell does the word champion even mean to you? Right now the NCAA can't figure out a way to crown one true champion but you want them to try and tackle two. Genius.

In my BIG (Bald, Idiot, Goofball) playoff, the first national champion is named after the regular season, just like the old days. This season that would mean Florida already would have a trophy based on the AP poll. It doesn't have to be AP, it can be coaches, Harris, heck, any one of them. The point is, in the BIG playoff there is a regular-season champion and a playoff champion, not unlike baseball which has pennant winners and a world champion.

Ok so you propose naming a national champion with polls. What poll? Even this week the AP poll has Florida at #1 but the USA today poll has OU. How can you decide which poll is king? Is that not the problem with the BCS. Play the games. Decide a champion. Why does college football insist on not playing the games. I mean heck why don't we just take the pre-season poll and just give them the championship cause well the polls said they were the best. And do you watch baseball. This system is nothing like a pennant. You have to work your way through the playoffs in order to win one of those puppies. The pennant does not mean "regular season champion"

I know what you're thinking. What's Dodd been smoking? Hang with me. There have been a handful of split national champions through history. No one was hurt. Why not make it possible every year?

What's the downside of doubling the number of teams that can claim national titles?

Think of the offseason arguments. Think of the banners that would be hung. In my playoff, this probably means the end of the conference championship games, but we'll leave that up to the leagues themselves. That's all details. The structure is now in place.

Ya no one was hurt but split championships suck. Everyone likes to think the one that they won is the title. And the downside with having two national titles is that we won't have a true champion. Thats the problem with todays system. Not that we have too many... that we don't have one. But ya lets have two. That makes sense. The NCAA should focus on naming one true champion, not dance around the issue. And think of the off season arguments? I hate the off season arguments. Sure it gives people like me and you something to "write" about but I would trade that all for a true playoff. That will give me plenty to argue about.

Still reading? Good. Here's the next bombshell.

Let the Rose Bowl go off on its own.

Any discussion of a playoff is a non-starter with the Pac-10, Big Ten and The Granddaddy. Without getting into all the reasons and picking at all the old sores just realize that this 21-school, one-bowl alliance is extremely loyal to the Tournament of Roses Parade.

So let 'em go off on their own. We're going to have our own playoff. It's possible, if you've already determined a regular-season champion. That way the Big Ten and Pac-10 are competing for a national championship and get to keep their traditional postseason home. The only way this doesn't work is if the Big Ten and Pac-10 champions are ranked 1-2 in the polls. A 1-vs.-2 game might devalue an eight-team playoff but we'll take our chances. A 1-vs.-2 Rose Bowl has happened twice in the more than century-long history of the game.

If you're cool with letting the Rose go out on its own, let's get to the meat of the issue.

For real? You propse a system where two of the strongest conferences in the country are left out of the race. So teams like USC, Ohio State, Penn State, Cal don't get a shot at the second title? I'm sure they will be OK with that. The Rose Bowl officials will love this one. Make their game even less important.

Bracket your playoff.

We're using this Sunday's final BCS standings. We have to remove No. 5 USC and No. 8 Penn State because they have chosen not to participate. Fair enough. That means the eight-team playoff includes teams 1-4, 6-7 and 9-10 in the BCS. Good news for Utah and Boise State. They're both in.

This playoff folds in all the major bowls in three weekends in January.

Just one question. How can the winner of this "playoff" call themselves a champion? They wouldn't even have to deal with the #5 or #8 team in the country. If USC was #1 and Penn State #3 and Ohio State #7 (all possible) how can the winner of your "playoff" call themselves a champion without playing the best teams in the country.

He continues with some logistical nonsense about his "playoff." I won't go on because even Dodd can't mess up copy and pasting dates and names of BCS bowls. I really wonder if this guy even watches college football. Although I do love articles like this for two reasons:

1) It gives me something to do instead of my homework

2) It gives me hope because if this guy is getting paid to write.. anyone can f-ing do it

week 15 Roundup

Florida 31 Alabama 20

Well Florida took care of business on Saturday and their reward is a trip to the BCS title game. Tim Tebow made good on his promise after the Ole Miss loss. A lot of good did come from that game. It lit a fire under the entire Florida team and they realized just how great they could be.

Oklahoma 62 Missouri 21

Well so much for a possible Missouri upset. OU showed that they belong in the championship game although there will without a doubt be some doubters. It is hard to say that Texas didn't deserve a shot but that can't be changed now.


When UCLA beat Tennessee in the first week of the season everyone circled this game on the calendar. 8 losses later and no one even cared. People checked to see if USC would find a way to blow it but no such luck. Bring on Penn State.

Cincinnati 28 Hawaii 21

While it would have no effect on the Big East championship it is not a good sign that Cinci is squeaking past Hawaii.

Virginia Tech 30 Boston College 13

Same teams as last year. Same result. Taking the red-shirt off Tyrod Taylor has proved to be a good choice. The battle with Cinci in the Orange bowl will be to prove who sucks less.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Rutgers Salvages Season

While the expectations for Rutgers football were much higher than a non-BCS bowl this season, the Scarlet Knights are pretty happy about where they stand now at the end of the year.

Rutgers started this season with very high hopes as they floated in and out of peoples pre-season polls. Their opening game against Fresno State was utterly embarrassing, however. Really both sides played poor but it was Rutgers would found a way to lose that one. Then came losses to North Carolina and Navy. They floundered to a pathetic 1-5 start, their only win against Morgan State.

Last night, however, the Scarlet Knights capped off their amazing turn around. After losing narrowly to Cincinnati, Rutgers has reeled off six straight wins and has become only the seventh team ever to start 1-5 and then become bowl eligible. Their most impressive game was a 54-34 win at Pittsburgh, who was #17 at the time.

QB Mike Teel has been a strong part of that resurgence. Last night against Louisville he threw 447 yards and a Big East record 7 touchdown passes. Which is a big turn around from his seven interceptions in the first 4 games to start this season.

Teel's career at Rutgers is pretty much over (with just a bowl game left) and it has been marked by ups and downs, just like this season. He has not quite panned out the way many thought when he signed on with the Scarlet Knights after a very successful high school stint at Don Bosco Prep in NJ. He was a part of the the 2006 Rutgers team that beat Louisville (they were #2 in the country then) and lost in triple overtime to WVU and a chance at a BCS bowl. But when Ray Rice and Brian Leonard departed Teel struggled. He always showed flashes of greatness but a propensity to throw to the other team always hurt him and Rutgers. He has, however, turned things around for himself and for Rutgers this year and showed a lot of class and moxy.

It was indeed a great last game in Piscataway for Mike Teel and Rutgers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Tommy Tubberville Saga

Well this whole situation just got a lot more interesting...

This morning there were a number of reports of disgruntled Auburn assistants' families who criticized the way that Auburn handled the the "resignation" of head football coach Tommy Tuberville. Donna Dunn, the offensive line coach's wife, called a sports talk radio show and said her husband found out from a recruit that he was visiting that he no longer had a job.

Amy Enzminger, wife of offensive coordinator said her husband was on a recruiting trip in Maryland. They both strongly criticized the administration for their handling of the situation.

Tuberville's momma even stepped in the ring for her son and told the local paper the he was indeed fired and did not resign.

Things have gotten pretty interesting now. Apparently Auburn AD Jay Jacobs said the decision was entirely Tommy's and that he had his job if he had wanted to stay. Which does make more sense because it seemed unjustifiable to fire him but that is beside the point. Jacobs said that Tuberville did this because he thought it was best for his family. Although ESPN also reports that Tuberville:

"believed he did not have the support of certain members of the Auburn Board of Trustees -- and therefore the full support of the Auburn administration."

This situation is getting interesting. I mean no matter what Tommy Tuberville is not the coach at Auburn. The question in this saga is what the hell happened? And who is the next coach at Auburn?


Rose Bowl Needs to Grow Up

With the BCS bowls fast approaching the match ups are starting to form but one seems to lack that sparkle and it is time for change. No I'm not talking about a playoff, this time... The Big-10 vs Pac-10 tradition of the Rose Bowl needs to be abolished.

With USC winning the Pac-10 again, barring any miracles from UCLA, we will see them in the Rose Bowl for the 4th year in a row, the third against the Big-10. How many times do we have to watch them beat up on the same conference? If we can't have a playoff can't we see match ups that we would rarely watch during the regular season (we were close to a USC Ohio state repeat)? What about a USC vs Florida/Alabama or Texas/OU, depending on outcome of this weekend? These are games that rarely happen and would pit some of the best teams in the country against one another.

I for one am all for tradition and all that jazz but this one is outdated. Really the Rose Bowl is the only game that still has a two-sided match up (Pac-10 vs Big-10). The others usually have a one side tie in so that fans can get to the game which is alright by me (i.e. Sugar Bowl has SEC champ and is in New Orleans) but having a two-side tie in robs the fan of some really special games.

Last year instead of having USC 's romp of Illinois we could have had USC vs Oklahoma or USC vs West Virginia and in 2007 what about USC vs Wake Forest or Lousiville. While this years USC Penn State game could prove to be a great one there are other more unique match ups fans are missing out on. Watching the high octane Tebow take on Rey Malaluga and Brian Cushing is a game I can only watch in my dreams.

Week 14 Preview/Conference Championships

Ball State vs Buffalo

The year of the mid-major continues on Friday night as Ball State tries to keep their perfect season alive although I doubt that Buffalo will give them much of a scare. Hopefully we see them lined up against a big time program during bowl season. Give them a chance to show their stripes. Keep on eye on Nate Davis if you haven't heard the name you should because he can play.

Alabama vs Florida

This has the potential to be the game of the year. Both teams boast speed, size and power. Both have national championship winning coaches and both are staring down a berth in the BCS title game. It is going to be an absolute grudge match. The big question right now is the status of lightining fast Percy Harvin who finds himself with another nagging injury. Just hope the game lives up to the hype.

Missouri vs Oklahoma

OU has a chance to win their third straight Big XII title. This is a matchup of last years game where Missouri was the favorite and OU played spoiler. Now the roles are reveresed. Can Missouri avenge last years loss?


Oregon States only chance at the rose bowl is if Rick Neuheisal can pull a miracle out of his ass. Fat chance. SC will stomp the Bruins and try and leave a lasting impression for the poll voters and maybe sneak in if OU loses.

Boston College vs Virginia Tech

VT has come a long way since redshirting Tyrod Taylor... yay that wasn't a good choice. But they righted the ship and were able to navigate the mediocre ACC. Boston College has managed just fine without Matt Ryan. Don't expect much flash to this game, the ACC just doesn't have much of it this year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another SEC Coach hits the unemployment line

Well the most recent victim in the coaching world comes as a bit of a surprise as Tommy Tuberville is out at Auburn. There had been whispers about this one but no real confirmed reports. I mean he really just had one off year, this year, and now he finds himself looking for a new job. The SEC is getting a little out of control. There is no patience in that conference.

Tommy Tuberville spent 10 seasons at Auburn and amassed 85 wins and an SEC championship. The four seasons prior to this season he had an 82.5 winning percentage and had beaten rival Alabama the last six years. His 2004 team that included Jason Campbell, Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown went 13-0 in the SEC and was snubbed in the BCS championship game. We could very well be talking about a national champion coach here had things played out a little differently.

This year, however, his team is 5-7 and got crushed by 'bama 36-0 this past weekend, in what has turned out to be Tuberville's last game. I think Auburn is going to find it surprisingly hard to fill the shoes of Tuberville. He really has only had one bad year in recent memory and it just seems like Auburn is jumping the gun on this one. His recruiting class is currently ranked #12 by rivals and we shall see how many jump ship. Tuberville will be fine, however, any program should consider themselves lucky to get a coach of this caliber.

Reports say that Mike Leach, head coach at Texas Tech has been contacted to gauge his interest. Although early reports are also showing that Steve Spurrier has already called him a cheater. Well keep you posted on that one.

Big XII blew this one

I guess it is time to weigh in on this issue.

After an absurd season in the Big XII south the unthinkable happened. The most convoluted absurd scenario played out right before our very own eyes. Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma all had the same record and they all happened to beat each other (Texas Tech beat Texas but lost to OU, Texas beat OU but OU beat Texas Tech who beat Texas.... exactly) So how to decide this?

Of course! The BCS! Those computer nerds can solve this problem as they have streamlined all of college football for the fans! The Big XII conference rules stated that the team with the highest BCS ranking would advance to the title game, very black and white. But when the computers churned out OU as the winner of the Big XII south, proving losing early is the way to do it, all hell broke out and for good reason. But in this situation the blame lies with the Big XII and not the BCS.

The reason for the rule is to ensure that the team that has the best chance of representing the Big XII in the national championship gets the shot (which makes sense) but a blind following of the computers is not the way to go. The SEC has this one right. The BCS rankings are used unless the teams are within five spots of one another, then it looks at heads up play. Using that scenario Texas would be the one in the title game. Now whether or not you believe it should be OU or Texas you can most certainly admit that system is more fair. There are so many flaws with the computer calculations that you just can't follow them blindly. Head-to-head play should reign supreme when breaking a tie not a computer formula. What would be really ironic is if OU loses to Missouri and Texas sneaks into the national championship... what would people do then...

I hate the BCS as much as the next guy but for once the majority of blame lies with the conference on this one. Alas BCS you have narrowly escaped this one.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tennessee Hired a Football Coach

It is always kind of funny to see how a coach's stock rises and falls for no good reason. Lane Kiffin is a wonderful example of an unproven coach turning into this year's hottest prospect.

Tennessee has replaced their national championship winning legend (152-52 record) with a coach whose biggest claim to fame is being an offensive coordinator for Leinart and Bush at USC. I'm sorry but anyone could have coached those two. "Here is the ball Reggie... RUN!" Not hard. He also had a terrible stint in Oakland for a season and a half where he won a combined 5 games. 5 games. He also no ties to Tennessee and has to start fresh recruiting in the SEC.

It just seems an odd hire for Tennessee; its not a surprise because everyone knew Kiffin was their guy its just unclear how an unproven coach became such a hot commodity. It seems like no one paid attention to the whole getting fired thing and they just handed him the keys to one of the biggest college football programs in the nation.

Granted Kiffin has never been a head coach in college football and no one is really sure how it is going to turn out. To his credit he is surrounding himself with talented assistant coaches like Ed Orgeron and word is his father, Monte Kiffin is joining his staff. He could be a colossal success and make UT look like geniuses but I think Tennessee is expecting to much from a coach who just does not have the credentials to be coaching in the SEC.

Heisman Watch: Week 14

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Sam Bradford

Another great game against Oklahoma State that added 370 yards and four touchdowns to his totals. Every week this guy has put on a show. I always felt him being a sophomore would really hold him back but a strong performance in the Big XII title game could clinch the trophy for this stellar QB. Performance Grade: B+

Colt McCoy

Over 300 yards in the air and four total touchdowns (two passing, two running) and Colt McCoy is looking like his old self after struggling the last two games. Only problem is he doesn't have another game to impress voters. That could help or hurt him depending on how Bradford does this weekend. Performance Grade: B+

Tim Tebow

180 yards through the air for three TDs and 80 yards on the ground and a score. Ah Tebow. He is not going to win the Heisman this year but he is on his way to NYC with McCoy and Bradford. Performance Grade: B

Week 14 Roundup

Texas 49 Texas A&M 9

This is definitely not unexpected. Texas is a damn good football team. Although obviously not good enough according to the BCS (more on that later).

Boise State 69 Fresno State 10

Well here we are again... Boise State is undefeated... Problem is so is Utah and Utah is the sexier choice this year. It is too bad we can't have them both in the BCS. I for one am all for it.

Pitt 19 WVU 15

Two years in a row Pitt beat WVU. Not looking good in Morgantown. I was at this game in '06. These people hate each other/are scum of the earth. But you gotta love it.

Alabama 36 Auburn 0

Bring on Florida. No one was particularly scared of Auburn but in the SEC you just never know.

Oklahoma 61 Oklahoma State 41

Bradford and that offense are just too good. They put up points at will. This was a HUGE win for OU because it propelled them over Texas in the BCS standings and into the Big XII championship game.

Florida 45 Florida State 15

This Saturday's SEC championship game is going to be a GREAT game. Tebow and co. can score in bunches and some have been saying this defense is as good as the '06 Gators that won BCS championship. That is a good combination.

USC 38 Notre Dame 5

Well Charlie Weiss couldn't salvage a little respect at the end of this season. After last weeks heartbreaking loss to Syracuse the big guy is on the hot seat. I don't think he will get fired in the off season but a rough start next year could mean the end of his tenure in South Bend.

Texas Tech 35 Baylor 28

Not enough to jolt them over Texas or OU. It was a good ride and they brought TTU football to the next level.

Cincinnati 30 Syracuse 10

Well the Big East sucks and cinci is off to the BCS...

Boston College 28 Maryland 21

Well BC snuck their way into the ACC championship game again without Matt Ryan. The ACC may be as bad as the Big East. The Orange Bowl is going to the awesome this year.