Friday, December 26, 2008

Inside the Recruiting World

The NY Times followed blue-chip prospect Jamarkus McFarland as he limped his way through the non-stop recruiting world that is big-time division I football. He was pursued by the best of the best; OU, Texas, LSU and USC. It is scary how the world works; Alcohol, drugs, sex... where do I sign up?

The article is great and deserves a full read but some of the highlights include;

Mack Brown has Flat-Screen TVs in every single room in his home... even the bathrooms

Bob Stoops watched "Beauty Shop" with McFarland's grandmother and helped set and clear the table for dinner

emailed her practically everyday. McFarland was also offered a spot on the President's Class which gave him extra At first McFarlands mom did not like Norman but was sold when D-Line coach, Jackie Shippacademic value (McFarland is indeed a good student, a rarity for college football players.)

McFarland's mom was offered any type of loan she wanted, from a former classmate, if she could get her son to commit to Texas. This was offered by a booster and had no affiliation with Mack Brown and the coaching staff

At a recruiting trip to LSU "hostesses" sat on recruits laps

At a party in Texas McFarland commented that alcohol and drugs flowed freely and women were stripping and making out. He commented on their lack of values

It really makes you realize that it is not the coaching staffs here that are truly breaking the rules. An extra text or email in this situation is nothing compared to the parties and offers that Texas alumni and boosters are all too eager to offer. Texas is not the only school that has this problem but the NCAA of course is at a loss to find a way to crackdown on these kind of offers. Of course they are great at punishing the little things but can't ever catch the big fish.

I mean what is a young kid to do when all the vices in the world are at his ready. I'm sure the coaching staffs are aware of these kind of infractions but they are not going to stop it. It is absurd what these kids are offered and how these coaches sell their souls to land a top player.

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