Friday, August 29, 2008

The Roundup

Well last night was the official opening of the college football season. Lets talk about what we saw:

Stanford 36 Oregon State 28

This is a big win for Stanford who has been somewhat floundering in the Pac-10 recently. Sure they didn't beat USC or Oregon but they showed they can make plays. Especially their defense which had a score and forced 3 turnovers, including a late fumble that ended any comeback hopes. If they keep this up they might pull another big upset this year.

South Carolina 34 NC State 0

Steve Spurrier gets a big win here but there are still some very big question marks. This offense didn't do much until the old ball coach benched starting QB Tommy Beecher (4 ints) for Chris Smelley (2 tds). So who starts next week?

Georgia Tech 41 Jacksonville State 14

Well Paul Johnsons' old school triple option looked very promising in their first game. While it is Jacksonville State the offense showed some good signs. They made good decisions and their line opened some gaping holes. Perrilloux had a rocky start going for 22 for 37 for 136 yards 2tds but 2 ints also.

Wake Forest 41 Baylor 13

This was a great win for Wake. First of all this was the first time in school history that they won in the state of Texas and the first time they beat Baylor. More importantly though the offense looked extremely sharp and Riley Skinner was very impressive. He went 27 for 36 for 220 yards and three scores. This offense has often been criticized for not being able to score but they showed life deep into the game. Oh ya Alphonso Smith got his 15th career interception.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ryan Perrilloux is up to his not so usual shenanigans

Ryan Perrilloux was once a can't miss prospect that every college coach was salivating over. Texas, Miami, LSU, Florida State; they all wanted him but it was LSU who won the sweepstakes. This year was supposed to be the year that Perrilloux finally lived up to his potential. Last season he saw some playing time including a start in the SEC championship game, which he won. But Perrilloux had a bit of a history of getting himself in trouble. Before you knew it Les Miles had sent him packing.

Now Perrilloux has found a new home at Division I-AA Jacksonville State which opens their season tonight against Georgia Tech.

It will be interesting to see how Perrilloux does with Jacksonville State. He is certainly a special talent but can he get out of his own way and just play football?


Not going to a Division I school means that I have no personal connection to any big-time college football program. Sure I live 20 minutes from Rutgers but the team I follow closest is Wake Forest University (I have a number of friends there). The Demon Deacons open their season tonight ranked #23 in the land. It is the first time in school history that this team is opening a season with a little number in front of their name.

This is the little school that could. Maybe you know Wake because of Tim Duncan or Chris Paul but two years ago they crashed the BCS with an ACC championship. They have quickly become a football school with one of the most sought after coaches in the nation, Jim Grobe.

This team has some big-time talent too. On the offensive side of the ball Riley Skinner at QB is one of the most consistent signal-callers in the country. Josh Adams is an explosive RB that is poised for a breakout season.

While their offense is more than capable its their defense that makes the headlines. Aaron Curry is the best linebacker in the ACC but the big name player on this roster is Cornerback Alphonso Smith. He may be undersized but he is an absolute ball-hawk. He has the most career intereceptions among any active player in the country. He is one of the top 3 or 4 defensive backs in the country.

So whats my point? Tonight Wake Forest opens their season against Baylor. While they aren't on ESPN tonight (South Carolina is) pay attention to this team. Before you realize they could be sneaking up the rankings and making their way to a BCS game.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So as LSU starts their bid to defend their title they have found their next great shitty white QB to lead them to the promised land. Remember Matt Mauck? Ya of course not he sucked. Matt Flynn? Ya that dude with the goofy look on the sideline last year that you thought was Les Miles retarted child? NOPE... starting QB. Now LSU is fielding their uber recruit Ryan Perril.... ANDREW HATCH... HE DUN LEARNED GOOD AT HARVARD.

Here it is baby

College football officially starts tomorrow. So lets talk about the big games and possible upsets that we have brewing for this weekend:

Missouri vs. Illinois

This game has big time implications. The Tigers have the Big 12 title on their mind as well as a national championship birth. Illinois is not as quite as ambitious but they have their eyes set on Ohio State and a Big Ten Championship. If they can run with Missouri they have a good chance in a weak conference.

Clemson vs Alabama

Nick Saban is the most powerful coach according to Forbes Magazine but Clemson and Tommy Bowden are a top-10 team. It is going to be an early test for notoriously under-achieving Clemson and the freshman loaded Alabama team.

Appalachian State at LSU

App state of Michigan blah blah blah. Can they do it two years in a row?

Fresno State at Rutgers

The Bulldogs are primed for a break out season and possibly some BCS busting. Their campaign starts with the Scarlet Knights. It is an early test for Rutgers who needs to tune up for a rough conference schedule.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brian Leonard is Jumping for joy


Lots of QB news

Well a lot of QB controversies and speculation came to an end over the last few days. Here is a general round up of the big stories:

Penn State named Daryll Clark the starter over Pat Devlin. Clark is a big QB who stands at 6-1 and 231 pounds but more importantly is a dual-threat QB. He can run and throw and gives the Nittany Lions a similar look to the '06 team that won the Orange Bowl with Michael Robinson at the helm. Joe Pa has said he will give Devlin some time this season.

At Virginia Tech the Hokies went the other way. They opted for the drop-back style of Sean Glennon over the dual threat of Tyrod Taylor. Last year Glennon struggled behind a weak and battered O-line so Taylor got a lot of playing time. But now with a much stronger line and Glennon entering his senior year the Hokies see him as their best option. V-Tech will also try to red-shirt Talyor who played as a true freshman last year.

The super blue chip superman in the making (supposedly) Terrell Pryor will get to see playing time in Ohio State's opener against Youngstown State. Todd Boeckman is no doubt the starter but there is no reason why Ohio State can't employ a similar strategy that Florida used two years ago with Chris Leak and Tim Tebow. Pryor can be a good change of pace player that could line up any where on the field and the defense has to respect it. Imagine having both Pryor and Boeckman on the field at the same time. Ohhh The confusion it could cause.

Word out of USC is that Mark Sanchez's knee is going to be fine and he will start against Virginia this weekend. Don't be surprised if USC rolls ahead early if Aaron Corp (who seems to have won the back up job) comes in and takes the pressure of Sanchez's knee.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heisman Watch

The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious award in college football. To win the Heisman means your name will be in the same class as Reggie Bush, Herschel Walker, Barry Sanders, Archie Griffin, Danny Weurfel, Eric Crouch and of course Mr. Chris Wenkie. Every week we will spot light one player who is on that short list of Heisman hopefuls.

Chris "Beanie" Wells

This guy has to be the favorite at this point. I'm going to leave my dislike for the Big-10 out of this post. Beanie Wells is that perfect blend of speed, size, vision and of course a killer stiff arm. Last season Wells rushed for over 1,600 yards on 274 carries. He broke Archie Griffin's sophomore Buckeye record.

The big worry for Wells has to be just how talented the Buckeyes are. While he may be the Heisman front-runner he is not a guarantee to get the type of carries he did last year. Todd Boeckman is very capable under center and Terrell Pryor might steal a couple of carries, especially late in the season.

Most Heisman winners have that signature game or moment that solidifies them the trophy (think Reggie Bush vs Fresno State or even Desmond Howard's pose). Beanie has that opportunity early in the season against USC. If Wells can crack the 100 yard mark and couple of scores AND his Buckeyes win then he may just be on a collision course with Heisman trophy. Also a big day against Michigan never hurts for a Buckeye.


This Thursday night the college football season officially opens. It is time to make some predictions:

Who wins the ACC?

Clemson. I want to go Wake Forest but I just don't think they can make enough noise on offense. Once they get a lead they play not to lose the game. You don't win games playing not to lose.

Who wins the Big 12?

Oklahoma. This is a damn good football team. I think they win the conference and have a good shot to play in the BCS championship game. Bob Stoops gets a chance to end the three year losing streak in BCS bowl games.

Who wins the Big East?

South Florida. Everyone is picking Pittsburgh but come on they really only beat WVU last year. South Florida has beat Pitt and WVU the last two times they have played. This team is experienced and ready.

Who wins the Big Ten?

Ohio State. This is the best team Jim Tressel has ever had. There is talent everywhere. Besides this is a down conference and Ohio State will roll through it. This one is really a no-brainer.

Who wins the Pac-10

USC. As long as they kick this injury bug the conference is theirs. They have 4-5 All-Americans on defense. Mark Sanchez is the big question mark (even without the knee injury). If he plays well USC is a top 3 team (if not #1).

Who wins the SEC?

Georgia. This is the hardest conference to predict because there is talent everywhere. Georgia has the most playmakers. If they can get past Florida they could do something special.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Louisville deals with Jersey trash

They may not be the Manning's but the Simms' name is pretty synonymous with the quarterback position. Phil Simms won a Super-bowl with the Giants and Chris Simms is currently journeying around the NFL.

Matt Simms, however, does not seem to be cut from the same mold. At Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey NJ Simms won the state title his senior year then proceeded to walk over to walk over the opposing fans and gave them the finger.

Now Matt has been suspended for 4 games for violating team rules at Louisville. Class act this Matt Simms.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What will Michigan football look like in 2008?

There is probably no program out there that has more tradition than Michigan. The images of Bo Schemblecher and Desmond Howard ring in our minds as the definition of college football in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Over the last season or two that image has been crumbling. The success of smash-mouth football, as seen at Michigan and the Big-10, has began to falter. The spread and other gimmick offenses (think Darren McFadden at QB) have begun to creep up in the elite conferences and began to command respect all across the land. Michigan football had become an anachronism, a relic of the past.

That all changed this past year. The Big-10 has made huge strides in jumping on the new age bandwagon that is the spread offense. When undersized Appalachian State wandered into the Big House and marched out with one of the biggest upsets ever Michigan decided if ya can't beat um then join um.

They went out and hired spread option wonder-boy (and asshole) Rich Rodriquez. Ohio State seems to have jumped onboard as well, pulling in blue-chip recruit Terrell Pryor. Illinois is already ahead of the curve and making strides with Juice Williams and Arrelious Benn tearing it up.

But so now that Rodriquez is at the helm in Ann Arbor the question is what will the team look like in 2009?

Honestly? Not good. This is not a knock at Rodriquez but the right talent is not in place to really execute this offense. Almost every offensive position requires a different skill set. The offensive line has to be smaller and quicker, you need a QB who has some speed and different type of playmakers in the backfield and at wideout.

Michigan, while they have loads of talent, does not have the right combination of players to pull off a smooth transition. It will take a few years to get those type of players on campus and mature enough to play.

Don't forget in 2001, Rodriquez's first year at WVU the Mountaineers went 3-8 overall but followed that up with a 9-4 record in 2002.

The verdict on Michigan? 2008 is going to be rough but give Rodriquez time and Michigan could launch the Big-10 back into national prominence.

Craft camp in session at UCLA

The injury bug that has plagued teams (Florida, Georgia and USC to name a few) this season has maybe hit UCLA the hardest.

In their spring practice they famously lost two of the QBs within just a few plays of each other. Patrick Cowan was scheduled to be the starter but went down with a knee injury. Ben Olsen then stepped in and went down for a short time but was still the starter until a last week when he went down with a foot injury (ironically on the same day as Mark Sanchez. Guess they don't make them too tough in LA.)

Now Rick Neuheisal, former UCLA star, has settled on redshirt freshman Kevin Craft. He is a transfer from Mt. San Antonio Junior College.

UCLA opens the season against #18 Tennessee. He will be the first QB to transfer and start since Aikman. Not bad company.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

AP Poll Released

The AP Poll is out and its not much different than the coaches poll:

Ohio State is ranked #2 ahead of USC.

Texas Tech jumps two spots into #12

Virginia Tech drops two spots into #17

Alabama and Pittsburgh sneak into the top 25. They are un-ranked in the coaches poll.

Friday, August 15, 2008

According to ESPN Crabtree might be greatest receiver ever...


ESPN really needs to calm down with this kind of stuff.

Crabtree might be greatest receiver ever? I mean really? He has played one year... thats it... one year. Granted it was a great season and he broke freshman records. Freshman records. That is it. Were not talking about NCAA records. What about Keyshawn Johnson who tore it up for USC or Calvin Johnson just a few years ago. Jerry Rice? I mean come on. One season and your ready to call this guy the greatest receiver of all time?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Devin Hester has been doing it for a long time

This is by far my favorite college football video on the net. It makes you realize that Devin Hester was actually that sick at Miami.

Future of RU Qb's looks bright

The Star-Ledger spotlighted the QB position at Rutgers for this upcoming season. Mike Teel is obviously the starter but what makes this article interesting is the attention they draw to true freshman DC Jefferson.

He has freakish size (6-6, 240), he's a terrific athlete and his arm is probably the strongest in the history of the program (and that's after practicing less than two weeks). He flicks the ball and it flies 60 yards.

This is a very warming thought for Rutgers fans. Within a few years, when big time recruit Tom Savage gets to campus, this could be the biggest QB battle ever at Rutgers. While it is a few years away and Schiano has a few QB's ahead of these guys on the depth chart it is a very exciting thought.

USC has an itch they just can't scratch

It seems that USC's injured Mark Sanchez is not the biggest problem facing the Trojans right now.

As much as 25% of the team has been affected by the apparent run of tinea cruris, kicker David Buehler estimated. The condition seems to have spread by way of new compression shorts, or tights, worn under their football pants.

Tailback Joe McKnight and receiver Travon Patterson were sufficiently afflicted to spend Wednesday's practice on the sideline.

"It burns," Patterson said.

Some players are suffering from this mystery "skin irritation" or "chaffing" as Pete Carroll has called it. A few years ago the team dealt with some minor staph infections although this seems to be a little different. Stafon Johnson joked that sometimes his teammates can't walk.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where is USC without Sanchez?

Reports out of the USC campus is that Mark Sanchez will make it back for the season opener against Virginia later this month. But lets take a second and imagine that Sanchez is out for a few weeks. Where does that leave USC?

Option A: Mitch Mustain

He was one of the most decorated high school football players over the last 20 years. He won every major award that a high school player can win. He was recruited by every major college program and ended up choosing Arkansas. He came in the 4th quarter of the first game for a struggling Robert Johnson. He had a solid few drives and claimed the starter's job and proceeded to lead the Razorbacks to an 8-0 record and guided them to #11 in the country. His coach then pulled him from the starters job and he was moved back to the bench. After a rocky finished to the season Mustain decided to transfer to USC and redshirted as for a year. He is now eligible for this season and has three years left.

Option B: Aaron Corp

Aaron Corp is a redshirt freshman from the class of 2007. ranks him as the #3 QB in that class. He is a big imposing QB who stands at 6-4 and 185 pounds. He is also extremely mobile for his size and is a tremendous athlete. He also has a cannon for an arm and can make any throw on the field. His biggest weakness is his field vision. He seems much closer the Sanchez mold but he does not have that experience that Mustain has.

It is really amazing the depth of the talent pool at SC. If Sanchez were to go down for a few weeks Pete Carroll will not have to worry one bit. He has two big-league talents waiting in wings.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And the hits just keep on coming

Jelani Jenkins is the top linebacker in the class of 2009. He is considering schools like Penn State, Boston College, USC and Maryland.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sanchez Goes Down

Mark Sanchez, the leading candidate for the USC starting QB job, went down during practice with a dislocated knee-cap. He is listed as day-to-day and should be able to get back on the field on Monday.

via []

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Love College Football

My favorite sport to watch and read and write about is obviously college football. Here is why:

10) The Heisman: It's one of the most iconic trophies in the country. Winning it means nothing in the NFL.

9) Bowl Season: It's great to turn on the TV in December and be able to watch the Bowl featuring the UNLV Rebels and the Idaho Vandals.

8) Cinderella Stories: Who ever forgets the Boise States

7) Fight Songs: I had a friend at Pittsburgh that said one football game the band never showed up and no one knew what the hell to do.

6) Every week counts: Other than in 2007 most teams can't afford to ever lose a game. If your not undefeated your not playing for the championship.

5) Billions of Teams: You can't not find a game you want to watch.

4) The Spread: Not the spread specifically but the fact that gimmick offenses work and that college teams pull trick plays.

3) Fans: Just wow.

2) Rivalries: I live 1000 miles from Georgia and Flordia but I have wood whenever these two teams play.
1) Tradition: College Football came before the NFL. Football history exists on campus and no where else.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Changing of the Guard

With the emergence of the BCS bowls over the last 10 years the argument over which conference is king has raged on with even more passion than ever. Most would simplify the argument by saying that the, Big 12, the Big Ten and the SEC are in a class of their own, the ACC hot on their tails, and there is nothing more too it.

Five years ago that idea would have held true but not anymore. The Big East was considered to be a dead conference. They lost three of the biggest football teams they had, Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College. The conference was left in the dust with West Virginia and Pittsburgh as their flagship programs. The Big East officials soon raided Conference USA and made a few key additions including Louisville and South Florida.

Fast forward to this upcoming season and the Big East is climbing their way up to super-conference status. West Virginia has been the real deal for the last few years and Rutgers has solidified themselves as a legitimate football program. Two years ago Louisville as ranked #2 in the land and ended the season with a win in the Orange Bowl over ACC foe Wake Forest. Last year South Florida, a team that played its first season in 1997, was ranked #2 at one point last year. Pittsburgh stunned the nation last year with their season ending win over West Virginia, a team bound for the National Championship game until the loss.

Now with this season creeping up and the top-25 lists surfacing around the country the Big-East is finding themselves well represented. West Virginia is sitting in the top-10 on most lists. South Florida, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh are all popping up in or very close to the top 25.Each of these teams has a legitimate chance to shoot up that list. With a couple of early victories you could find two or three of these teams in the top 15.

There is a lot of talent in this league. Pat White is on the very short list of probable Heisman winners. Noel Devine and Shady McCoy are two of the best running backs in the country.

The Big East coaches are also well decorated Greg Schiano and Jim Levitt are considered some of the best coaches around. They are some of the most sought after coaches around and anytime a big job opens up their names are right in the mix. Steve Kragthorpe, while struggling right now with Louisville, built something very special at Tulsa just a few short years ago. Rich Rodriquez, minus his messy divorce, is now established at one of the most storied programs in the country.

It is going to take a couple of national championships to really solidify the Big East with the other super-conferences around the land but they are well on their way. As the Big Ten continues to move backwards the Big East could soon find themselves mixing it up with the SEC.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jimmy Clausen drinks ::GASP:: BEER

Everyone is talking about this so why not partake in a little Notre Dame bashing. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame's star quarterback was photographed partaking in some type of beer consuming games. Notre Dame will be investigating his second alcohol violation in the last year.

I have a little advice for Clausen. When in doubt just think WWTD... What would Tebow do?

Oh ya what the hell is he wearing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Heisman Watch

The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious award in college football. To win the Heisman means your name will be in the same class as Reggie Bush, Herschel Walker, Barry Sanders, Archie Griffin, Danny Weurfel, Eric Crouch and of course Mr. Chris Wenkie. Every week we will spot light one player who is on that short list of Heisman hopefuls.

Tim Tebow

It is impossible to have any legitimate Heisman converstion without including Tim Tebow. No college player has created so much buzz over the last two years. Whether it be the jokes (When Tim Tebow does a pushup he pushes the world down) or the ridiculous stories (Tim Tebow performed circumcisiouns while on a missionary trip) everyone has their favorite Tebow moment.

But after becoming the first player to win the Heisman as a sophomore it is extremely unlikley that Tebow will do it again. It is just one of those facts of the Heisman trophy, you don't win it twice in a row. Matt Leinart won the award his junior year then his senior year he threw for 400 more yards and had 30 more completions and was not considered a legitmate candidate for the Heisman (although that was the year Reggie Bush was doing his thing).

Probably what will hold back Tebow the most is the play calling. Last season he had 23 rushing touchdowns, which is unheard of for a QB. This year, however, Urban Meyer is going to want to take the beating down on his star player. Tebow has also said that he wants to be more efficient from the pocket. Without those ridiculous numbers rushing Tebow's stats won't be strong enough to garner a Heisman Trophy. He can't "out-quarterback" other tradition pocket passers in the country. He may be a freak of nature but that doesn't equate into another Heisman.

Tim Tebow will get two shots at winning another heisman (dependent on his decision to stay after this season) he may grab another one but this won't be the year.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ohio State Officials Like Ohio State Football

Ohio elected officials have spent more than $400,000 on Buckeyes football tickets since 1996, purchasing hundreds of seats each year through their campaign funds, state records show."

It turns out that Rep. John Widowfield, who suddenly resigned in May, had been buying Ohio State Football tickets with campaign funds and selling them on eBay for a profit. In Ohio, the law says, that there is no problem with officials using campaign funds to buy tickets. Where Widowfield went wrong was when he tried to turn a profit.

Legal or not it is completely unethical. The fact these officials are using the money that has been donated to them to buy football tickets is disgusting. Then the fact that Widowfield was trying to turn a profit is even worse. After all the controversy with the high cost of SEC football tickets it seems outrageous that state officials have this kind of access to football tickets.

Lawmakers spend thousands on Ohio State Tickets [CBS Sports]

First Coaches Poll Surfaces

The first USA Today Coaches' Poll was released today:

1) Georgia: As it should be the Dawgs take the top spot. There is too much upside for this team not to be #1.

2) USC: They have so much talent its almost unfair. They lose a Heisman candidate QB. Thats OK replace him with super recruit, Mark Sanchez.

3) Ohio State: They don't belong here. The Big Ten has work to do.

4) Oklahoma: Other than Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops is the best coach in college football. Sam Bradford is the key to this season. If he plays like the Heisman candidate that he is, the Sooners could go all the way.

5) Florida: Tim Tebow is not the best player of our generation but he is a damn good.

6) LSU: Les Miles has to worry about the void left by Perrilloux.

7) Missouri: Chase Daniels has the "it" factor and could bring his team to the promised land.

8) West Virginia: Noel Devine could produce Reggie Bush-like highlights this year. His high school video is one of the all time greats.

9) Clemson: They just don't seem like the real deal. Cullen Harper is considered by many to be the most underrated QB in the NCAA. Well see if thats true or not.

10) Texas: I still hate Vince Young.

11) Auburn: If they can get this high scoring offense to work they are going to be a dangerous team in a dangerous conference.

12) Wisconsin: Travis Beckum is the best TE in the country and gives Wisconsin a great red-zone target.

13) Kansas: They desperately want to prove that last year was no fluke.

14) Texas Tech: Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree can take this team into the upper echelon of college football.

15) Virginia Tech: There is a void left by recent dismissed RB Brandon Ore.

16) Arizona State: Coach Dennis Erickson is looking to continue last year's success. He will need QB Rudy Carpenter, who is recovering from surgery to be on top of his game.

17) Bingham Young: Their star QB, Max Hall, has everyone talking about BYU as a possible BCS buster.

18) Tennessee: Safety Eric Berry was the best player on the team last year as a true freshman. There is talk he will play some offense this year.

19) Illinois: They have to prove they belong after getting demolished by USC in the Rose Bowl. Losing Mendenhall will prove to be a big loss.

20) Oregon: This team was lacking with Dixon on the bench. They are going to need a spark at QB to stay in the top 25.

21) South Florida: They reached #2 last year but it was too soon for this young team. They have a chance to get themselves back into that position this year.

22) Penn State: Joe Pa is an old old man

23) Wake Forest: This is a interesting team. They lose a lot without Kenneth Moore but Josh Adams might be able to fill the big play void. This team could sneak up and win the ACC again if no one is careful.

24) Michigan: Who knows what to expect from this team. Rich Rodriquez doesn't have the QB he needs yet to run his offense. With all the off field distractions don't be surprised if this team losses a few at the start.

25) Fresno State: This is a damn good team that has talent and experience, a deadly combo. They take on Wisconsin at home early in the year.