Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Woulda Thunk it?

Stuff no one saw coming....

Florida State not losing every game?

USC not winning every game?

Ohio State not in the national championship

Virginia leading the ACC???

Michigan sucking??? NO wait I knew that one

East Carolina probably not winning their conference??

Colt McCoy having a hot blonde girlfriend...

Ty Willingham being fired... not because he was black

Uconn being in the top 25... No one likes that state

JoePa not dieing of shock from his team being good

JoePa not dead

BCS controversy brewing



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heisman Watch: Week 9

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Colt McCoy

He continues to separate himself from the pack. With another 391 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air McCoy is sitting pretty. He also continues to beat top 10 teams. What more could you ask for? Performance Grade: A-

Sam Bradford

He just isn't getting the love anymore. Another 225 yards and 3 touchdowns. YAWN. We will see him in NY but next year will be his Heisman year. Performance Grade: B

Graham Harrell

The big XII is having a Heisman party and they didn't invite anyone else. Harrell who started "slow" has just taken off these last few weeks. 386 yards and 5 TDs against a ranked opponent on the road. That deserves some respect. Performance Grade: A

The Round Up: Week 9

Texas 28 Oklahoma State 24

A good quality win for Texas. The cowboys are a good team and any win over them, whether by 4 or 40 is solid. McCoy was brilliant again. Texas has one more big hurdle before the Big XII championship game; next week against Texas Tech.

Penn State 13 Ohio State 6

This was a critical win for Penn State. Not only did the take hold of the Big-10 they also realized they have two good quarterbacks. Pat Devlin came off the bench for the injured Clark and led two critical scoring drives, including the go ahead touchdown. They travel to Iowa this weekend who is an underrated team but the real test is in the last week against Michigan State. It looks like they are going to need either Texas or Bama to falter. Their schedule doesn't have enough firepower to help them hurdle either one of those two.

USC 17 Arizona 10

This wasn't a rout like USC's last two games but Arizona was definitely a better team. The USC defense is absolutely amazing. There is so much talent on that side of the ball it is disgusting. The Trojans don't control their own destiny, however. They will need help from the four teams ahead of them.

Georgia 52 LSU 38

The Dawgs look to be back on track. After struggling early in the season they have reeled off two quality wins. Florida comes to town next week and whoever wins that game will likely represent the east in the SEC championship game.

Louisville 24 South Florida 20

The Big East is just a whole lot of nonsense. No one knows what the hell is happening. They all suck equally

Rutgers 54 Pitt 34

Point Proven

Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCoy to stay at Texas

Espn reports that McCoy will be staying for his senior season at Texas.

I'm going to play here for four years, I've been blessed to be able to play here. Not very many people get to [start] here for four years, so what an opportunity. And if the NFL is there for me, then I hope that I'll get to keep playing, because I love to play this game. Hopefully, it will work out.

It is always a great thing when a player of Colt's caliber decides to stay in school. It's better for his future and for the programs. Although plenty of players have promised to return to school for the senior season and push come to shove they bolt for the NFL. Hopefully Colt doesn't pull the same stunt.

Week 9 Preview

6 Oklahoma State at 1 Texas

Oh baby this is a big matchup. Texas wants to keep rolling towards the BCS championship but they have a hell of a hurdle in front of them. The Big XII is loaded and they will have to navigate it to perfection in order to make it the championship.

Winner? Texas

8 Texas Tech at 23 Kansas

It is hard to believe that Tech would underestimate Kansas but they may have they may be looking beyond the Jayhawks. Looming on the horizon is Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma (all in consecutive weeks). Now that is a bear of a schedule.

Winner? Kansas

7 Georgia at 13 LSU

This is a classic SEC grudge match. LSU is trying to keep pace with Alabama and Georgia is trying to stay with Florida (who comes to town next week).

Winner? LSU

3 Penn State 9 Ohio State

Ohio State looks like a different team than they did against USC. The question is can they get through Penn State and make a claim at the Big Ten title? Penn State wants a big victory to help their BCS resume.

Winner? Penn State

5 USC at Arizona

The Trojans are on a mission. Their defense has not allowed a point in the last two games and they have outscored opponents 141-10 in the last three. Without any ranked teams left on the schedule they will need to continue the rampage.

Winner? USC

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

annnnnd the race is over

Colt McCoy has just won the Heisman. It's over. Pack up your bags.

"Being smart and just looking at guys who are having a good year, he obviously is someone to look at and would probably be my top guy I'd vote for right now"

That is straight from the mouth of TIM TEBOW HIMSELF. Shits over. If Tebow is voting for McCoy so will about 90% of the other voters that love to perform fellatio on Tebow after games.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Politics of Losing

Here we are yet again with controversy brewing. We have three undefeated teams atop the BCS standings. Texas, Alabama, Penn State are sitting pretty about half way into the season. Hot on their tails, however, is USC and OU. Each with one loss, they are stalking the top three waiting for a slip up. One late season, critical game, loss and your season is over. We saw it last year and we will see it again this year.

The last few years of college football have taught us one thing. If your going to lose, lose early. Last season USC lost to an extreme underdog in the form of the Stanford Cardinal. They, however, lost early enough in the season that a trip to the Rose Bowl was waiting for them at the end of the year. Look at LSU last season. They lost early on to Kentucky and were able to pull their season back together (even with another loss to Arkansas). Missouri lost a critical late season game to OU and didn't even make it to a BCS game. Even though Missouri got beat by a quality opponent as opposed to the others they were denied a BCS bid. In fact Kansas, who they beat earlier in the season, recieved a BCS bid because they had only one loss.

We may have the same type of set up this season. With USC and OU lurking, Texas, Alabama or Penn State cannot flinch. A late season loss for either of these teams and its all over.

It makes no sense, though. Lets say USC wins out and Penn State loses at some point. In the last week of the season we have #1 Texas, #2 Alabama, #3 USC. Bama now has to finish off either Florida or Georgia to end their season in the SEC championship game. Whoever it is will probably be a top 5 team and no doubt very talented. If Alabama loses for the first time all year to one of the best teams in the league they will be bumped from the national championship game. USC is upset by Oregon State early and plays for a national chamionship while Bama loses to a top-5 team late and is bumped from the BCS completely. It makes no sense.

There a number of scenarios like this just waiting to happen. Playoff anyone?

Heisman Watch: Week 8

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Colt McCoy

With a solid win against Mizzoui this weekend Colt is now the leading candidate. Throwing for 337 yards and scoring 4 total touchdowns helps also. Performance Grade: A-

Chase Daniel

Ya he is hanging around but if he continues to lose you can kiss it all goodbye. He wasn't bad against Texas. 318 yards through the air and two TDs. Performance Grade: B

Sam Bradford

The odds may be stacked against the sophomore but if he continues to tear apart defenses like he did on Saturday then hes going to right at the top of the list. Bradford's aerial assault ended with 468 yards and 3 touchdowns. Performance Grade: A

It is a three horse race ladies and gentleman.

The Round Up: Week 8

Not quite the turmoil of the last few weeks but some big games none-the-less.

Texas 56 Missouri 31

Its amazing what two weeks can do to a season. Missouri went from the toast of the town to struggling to make it to the Big-XII conference game. They have Kansas at the end of the year to try and get into the conference game. Although they may not stand a chance against whoever emerges from the south division.

Alabama 24 Ole Miss 20

It was a little close for comfort but a win is a win. Their offense was stagnate in the second half but a solid defensive effort late in the game solidified the win.

Penn State 46 Michigan 17

I'm sure the Nittany Lions enjoyed putting up a big win to end a 7 game skid against the Wolverines. Ohio State is looming next week and a chance to take a commanding lead in the conference.

Oklahoma 45 Kansas 31

Sam Bradford and OU made a statement against Kansas. Even with a loss to Texas they are in the thick of things.

USC 69 Washington State 0

Another one loss team looking to sneak in the back door. Big wins next week against Arizona and then Cal two weeks later can help their cause.

Georgia 24 Vandy 14

Cinderella is going to have wait another year. Georgia has LSU this weekend and Florida the weekend after. This will make or break their season.

Ohio State 45 Michigan State 7

This is a different Ohio State team than what we saw against USC. Aka a healthy Beanie Wells. Terrell Pryor is starting to look like a stud. Dare I say it? The Big-10 isn't that bad....? We shall see come BCS time.

Maryland 26 Wake Forest 0

I don't even know what to say. Wake Forest can't put up points. It has been a problem all year but it finally caught up with them this weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week Eight Preview

This season is heating up. As teams are in the midst of conference play we have some very critical games this weekend. Starting with....

11 Missouri at 1 Texas

Missouri is coming off a stunning loss and Texas is coming off a huge win. Missouri can lose control of their season and Chase Daniel's Heisman with a loss this weekend. Texas has a brutal Big-12 schedule (as does everyone else) coming up and it starts with Missouri.

Winner? Texas

12 Ohio State at 20 Michigan State

Without a conference championship game in the Big-10 these next few weeks will decide the conference title. Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State are all 3-0 in the conference. Both still have to play Penn State. Ohio State is a better team now than when they played USC (Terrell Pryor is the reason). A big dose of Javon Ringer will propel MSU, however.

Winner? Michigan State

16 Kansas at 4 Oklahoma

Oklahoma was riding high until the Texas game. The Big-12 is still anyone's game. OU probably has the weakest schedule remaning. Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are looming at the end of the year though.

Winner? OU

22 Vanderbilt at 10 Georgia

Vandy has been the surprise story of the year so far. They have a legitmate shot to be playing for an SEC title. It starts at Georgia this weekend. I don't think the bulldogs will understimate Vandy at all but they may be thinking ahead to the next two weeks. At LSU and home for Florida.

Winner? Vandy

Mississippi at 2 Alabama

Florida fell asleep against Ole Miss and they paid the price. Ole Miss won't sneak up on Nick Saban but they are still a good team. Jevan Snead is a big time QB and there could be an upset brewing at bama. There are also whispers of the Crimson Tide being overrated.

Winner? Alabama

BCS Buster Goes Bust

Until Thursday night #9 BYU had everything going for them. They were undefeated with a stellar QB, who was marching a campaign for the Heisman, and were on a crash course with the BCS. That all changed when they paid a visit to TCU, losing 32-7. The Horned Frogs dominated in every aspect of the game. They out gained BYU 410-297, forced 4 turnovers and didn't allow Max Hall to throw a touchdown.

Chants of "overrated" echoed through the stadium and ya know what? It appears that it is true. This is the first team with a winning record that the cougars have faced and they got crushed. They went from a possible BCS birth to in danger of not even winning their own conference. They will have to win out and get some help from around the league. Don't forget they almost blew it against Washington. If it weren't for a ridiculous penalty late in the game BYU could have already been taken down.

After two years of Non-BCS teams crashing the party it looks like we won't be seeing any Cinderella stories this year and it may be a good thing. BYU is not in the same class, it would have been Hawaii all over again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This boy can hit

Really interesting recruiting video


I don't think Michigan fans are happy unless they are shouting about firing their head coach. They yammered on about Lloyd Carr who had a 122-40 record. Blogs were dedicated to tearing down their coach who snagged them 5 conference championships and a national title.

Now we fast forward a few years and Rich Rodriquez has only been in office for less than half a season and already Michigan fans are up in arms about Rich Rod. For some reason they are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that this transition takes time. He needs a different type of QB, RB, WRs and offensive line. At one point a walk-on was starting for Michigan. I mean there is no mystery here. Rich Rod sucked his first year at WVU. The next year he grabbed a conference championship (a share of it). So Michigan fans relax and give the man time to work. Sure I think he is a scumbag but there is no reason why after a few games you have to be revolting. So calm down and wait till next year. If he could turn WVU into a recruiting hotbead he can do wonders with the Michigan tradition and name.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conference Reach Around

Some critical conference games have been played a number of teams are already on the outside looking in. Here is a roundup of the BCS conferences around the country.


The ACC is pretty much the laughingstock of college football this season. While Clemson and Florida State have gone bust this season the ACC does have a few teams that could sneak up on you. Wake Forest is in control of the ACC Atlantic and a pretty solid team. If they can start scoring points on offense instead of defense they will be in good shape. The ACC Coastal is a little more up in the air. Virgina Tech is in control there with an early season win over Georgia Tech and North Carolina, who are still right on their heels. Look for VT to hold on in the Coastal.

Eventual Champ: Wake Forest

Big 12

Th Big 12 may have just surpassed the SEC this year. A feat I would not have thought possible. Three out of the four leading Heisman Candidates are Big 12 QBs. The winner of this conference will most likely be suiting up for a national championship. As of right now Kansas leads in the north with Mizzou right behind them. Kansas has OU, Texas, Texas Tech and Missouri on the schedule. If Missouri can take down Texas this weekend they will be on their way to the North title. The south is a whole-nother story. Right now Texas and Oklahoma State are leading with Texas-Tech and Oklahoma right behind them. Texas is in the drivers seat but has Oklahoma State, Texas-Tech, Kansas and Missouri ahead. Oklahoma State has Texas, Texas-Tech, and OU. Texas-Tech plays Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, OU in about a month span. I mean I'm writing this blog and I'm not even following what the hell is going on.

Eventual Champ: Oklahoma.

Big 10

This one is a little easier to understand. Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan State are all 3-0 in the conference. Michigan State plays Ohio State this weekend and then takes on Penn State in the last weekend. Penn State takes on Ohio State in two weeks. Ohio State will beat Michigan State and all eyes will be on Penn State Ohio State game.

Eventual Champ: Penn State

Big East

Does anyone even care? After Pitts opening season loss to Bowling Green they have bounced back with five straight wins. Most notably taking down South Florida last week. West Virginia is tied with Pitt but it won't last. South Florida has beat them the last two seasons and that will continue.

Eventual Champ: Pitt

Pac 10

USC had the conference in the bag. Then they blew it against Oregon State. How did Pete Carrol's team react? They outscored their next two opponents 70-10. Cal is leading the conference but USC has their shot at them in November. USC doesn't make more than one mistake a season. Whether that mistake holds them out of the title game is still to be seen.

Eventual Champ: USC


The SEC east has a new star. Vanderbilt took down South Carolina and Auburn. Next team in their sights is Georgia this weekend. If they can escape that one they will have their shot at Florida two weeks later for a SEC East title. Florida plays Georgia and Vandy in consecutive weeks. They control their own destiny. Tim Tebow wants a championship of his own. In the West Nick Saban and Alabama are sitting pretty atop the standings. The big one is looming over the horizon, however, 11/08 at LSU.

Eventual Champ: Alabama

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hitting the recruiting trail

Bryce Brown. 6-0 215 pounds. From Wichita Kansas. Committed to Miami.

He goes crazy about 1:30 in.

Heisman Watch: Week seven

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Chase Daniel

His campaign took a serious hit this past weekend. He threw three picks that proved very costly in Mizzou's first loss of the year. He did throw for almost 400 yards and a TD but those picks and that loss will be what sticks out to voters. He has a redemption shot this week against the next player on our list. If he fails there kiss his chances goodbye. Performance Grade: C+

Colt McCoy

Colt's big win in the Red River Rivalry propelled him up the list. He has compiled 17 touchdowns in the air and four on the ground. The kid is doing it all. Performance Grade: B+

Max Hall

Everyone's favorite dark horse is still hanging around. He is on pace to throw for 40 TDs and only 8 ints. Can he do enough to steal some spotlight from the other frontrunners? Performance Grade: B+

Sam Bradford

While he had a stellar game against Texas (387 yards and 5 TDs) Bradford has something else working against him. He is a sophomore. Tebow was a fluke. Next Year is Bradford's year. Perfomance Grade: A

Javon Ringer

When you lead the country in rushing yards and rushing TDs you get to be a Heisman contender. Ringer has put the Spartans on his back and is bulldozing his way through the top 25. He can make some noise this weekend against Ohio State. Performance Grade: B+

Another Big-10 Team in the Big Game?

Anyone who has followed this blog knows my dislike of the Big 10. I believe that it is the most overrated conference in all of college football. The routs of Ohio State the last two years in the National Championship game showed us that the SEC is just in another stratosphere.

But here we are this year watching Penn State climb up the ladder. They currently sit at #3 and nipping at the heals of Texas and Alabama. The Nittany Lions have two big games left. In two weeks against Ohio State and three weeks after that against Michigan State. In between those games is a bunch of Big-10 bottom dwellers. If Penn State wins out I can almost guarantee they are in the big one.

Texas still has to take on Missouri, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Kansas is also looming at the back end of the schedule. Alabama still has Tennessee and LSU. But don't forget in the SEC anyone can get beat.

Those are two rough schedules. If Mac Brown and Nick Saban lead their teams through that schedule unscathed than they deserve to fight it out for the title. BUT it is hard to believe that they will pull it off.

As long as Penn State wins out they will most likely be looking at a National Championship birth. What they do with it is very up in the air. They are no doubt a talented team (although Ohio State did have the Heisman winning QB and one of the best receivers on their side). Derrick Williams is reemerging as a premier player and Darryll Clark has helped bring back the swagger that Michael Robinson gave them three years ago. And their defense has only allowed one team to score more than 14 points in a game.

The past few seasons have taught us not to trust the Big-10 but maybe this Penn State team is the one to bring respect back to the conference. Only time will tell.

So what have we missed????

When this blog took a short break 50% of the the National Championship game had been decided. USC's rout of Ohio State solidified their position in the polls but oh so much was to change.

Week 5 (The start of it all)

USC lost to Oregon State.... are you kidding me... Oregon State? I love college football and I can't name you a player on that team. Last year Stanford this year Oregon State. Pete Carroll can win the big game the problem is he just doesn't give a shit about the small ones.

Florida lost to Ole Miss... Ole Miss proved they were a good team against Wake Forest but still they are not in the class of Tim Tebow. I mean hes fucking Tim Tebow.

Week 7 (The shit hits the fan)

Oklahoma lost to Texas... OK... not that big of a surprise but I really did believe Oklahoma was on their way to the big one.

LSU lost to Florida... How Tebow got his Groove Back.

Missouri lost to Oklahoma State... IM A MAN!!! BLAME ME!!!!! hahaha still gets me... oh in fact here it is.

AAAAAAAAAnnnndd were back

Alright ladies and gentleman I have returned to the promise land... haha not really. After about a month or two away from writing a lot has happened in College football. This blog will cover what it missed and continue on the rest of the season.