Friday, January 9, 2009

Gators Get it Done

The Florida Gators got it done last night as they dismantled the powerful Oklahoma offense en route to their second national championship over the last three years. It was a good game... not a great game. In the end its hard to believe that a game can live up to USC Texas from a few seasons ago.

What was expected to be an offensive battle turned into a defensive struggle as both teams struggled to put up points. In the end it was the Florida D that made the difference. They were able to pick off Bradford twice; including one at the goal line at the end of the first half.

Harvin had a spectacular game as he piled up 171 total yards and a TD even with a high ankle sprain. Tebow also had a solid game, 231 yards passing 2 tds (including a jump pass) but the real difference maker was the legs. Tebow had 22 runs for 109 yards.

Now lets make this clear. I like Tebow and he is a damn good QB and a great leader but I'm getting tired of how much people are worshipping him. Did he stop Chris Brown twice at the line? Did he block the field goal? Did he somehow mind control those two balls into the hands of Florida defenders? No. Now I'm sure his leadership helped but he was not the difference maker in this game and he didn't 'will' his team to victory in this one. He managed it well made some plays but the real heroes are the guys on defense.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whose Got it Tonight?

I've been mulling this one over for quite awhile; going back and forth between Florida and Oklahoma but I have indeed made my pick for tonights BCS National Championship Game.

At first I was positive that this was the Sooners year. I thought that Sam Bradford would lead his team to victory, Heisman in tow but alas it is not meant to be. The mighty Tim Tebow cannot be slain and this day will belong to the Florida Gators.

In actuality it is going to be the defense that makes the difference in this one. Bradford has been hit on all of about 50 passing plays this year. He is not used to constant pressure and the physical game that comes with an SEC defense. The speed on the Gators is absolutely incredible and they will bring it full force to Sam Bradford. Maybe not sacks but that pressure can disrupt a QB's flow, especially when he hasn't dealt really dealt with it at all this year.

Lightning in a bottle, aka Percy Harvin will be at least 90% for tonight's game which still makes him the biggest weapon on the field. He can strike from anywhere and at anytime. Also don't forget the face of all this absurd talent, Tim Tebow. As tired as I am of hearing annoucners pronounce their love for the guy he is pretty damn good.

Most importantly, however, the Gators have Urban Meyer. The uber-genius behind the spread who has already won a national title and is one of the most successful coaches in the BCS era. Yes I am aware that Bob Stoops is no slouch himself but it is going to be Meyer that wins this coaching battle.

Every year people try and come up with a reason why the SEC is no longer the dominant conference in all the land, but at the end of the season the SEC always reigns supreme. Nothing will be different about this year. Look for the Gators to take home the trophy tonight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When in Doubt... Sue!

Utah's attorney general, Mark Shurtleff, is looking into whether or not he can sue the BCS for violiation of anti-trust laws. His main argument is that the BCS puts the smaller schools at a competitive and financial disadvantage; that a school like Utah will never play for a national championship.

In order for the case to go forward Shurtleff must prove that a conspiracy exists that creates a monopoly. Shurtleff says he would prefer if the BCS would take the iniative and just create a playoff system themselves. [ESPN]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Texas Wins Fiesta; No Chance at Split Title

This time Texas was on the receiving end of some late game heroics. After having their title hopes ended by Michael Crabtree and Texas Tech two months ago the Longhorns returned the favor to Ohio State. The Buckeyes looked like they were going to end their BCS drought but Colt McCoy and Quan Crosby hooked up with 16 seconds to give the Longhorns the win.

Texas came in with a chip on their shoulder; they thought they should have been playing on Thursday night. Ohio State came in trying to garner respect for themselves and the Big 10 as a whole.

The first half was an exchange of field goals as both teams couldn't get their offense to click. Beanie Wells had a strong first half, picking up 117 total yards, but a concussion sidelined him for most of the second half, which really hurt the Buckeyes. The scoring took off in the second half as Texas put up two TDs in the third quarter. Ohio State responded with two scores of their own in the 4th, including a TD reception by Terrell Pryor. In the end, however, it was not enough as McCoy lead the Longhorns down the field, hitting Crosby, for the 26 yard winning TD.

Texas came into this game looking to convince voters that they deserved a share of the National Title. They fell short in that bid. Texas is a damn good football team but they needed to roll through Ohio State in order to get the voters to look their way. Their win just wasn't flashy enough; if anything USC or Utah might jump them.

On another note Ohio State should feel okay about this loss. Granted no one likes to lose but they played well and definitely gained some respect back for themselves. They hung with one of the best teams in the land on one of the biggest stages; something they haven't done in a three seasons. They also have a stud waiting in the wings named Terrell Pryor.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fiesta Fiesta

Tomorrow night's Fiesta Bowl means oh so much for both Texas and Ohio State. Both programs have something to prove and are looking to use the Fiesta Bowl as their stage.

The former #1 Texas Longhorns don't believe they should be playing tomorrow night, rather they should be suiting up on Thursday against the Gators. After beating Oklahoma earlier this season Texas was on a crash course with the BCS championship game; that is until Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree showed up. A late season loss to the high flying Texas Tech Raiders derailed the dream season. After getting left out of the Big XII title game Texas felt snubbed and all hell broke loose. Texas settled for the Fiesta Bowl and will march out with a huge chip on their shoulder. A big win for the Longhorns and you might just see them hoisting the AP title at the end of the year.

Ohio State on the other hand is playing for more than themselves in this game. The Big 10 has come under serious fire the last three years after the Buckeyes were trounced twice in the BCS National Championship. Thursday's Rose Bowl did not help as Penn State fell to USC. The Buckeye's themselves took a serious blow eariler in the year when they were man handled by USC, as well. This is a much different Ohio State team, however. First of all Beanie Williams, their star running back, is no longer injured as he was against the Trojans. Most importantly, however, Terrell Pryor their precocious freshman QB has really matured this season and stepped up as a bonafide star in college football.

Tomorrow night Texas steps onto that field looking to prove to everybody that they should be playing on Thursday night. Ohio State steps onto the field representing an entire conference. Big 10 fans may not be so happy about that one.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh Ya This Happened

Amid the big Rose Bowl win for USC and the stunning upset for Utah the Orange Bowl was somewhat forgotten.

Frank Beamer's Hokies took on the Brian Kelly's surprise Cincinnati squad in what turned out to be a lackluster BCS matchup. Tyrod Taylor, the VT quarterback, who was originally redshirted this season was thrown back into the offense and helped propel them through the ACC championship and to a big Orange Bowl victory. Frank Beamer came under fire when East Carolina upset VT in the first week of the season but he got his team back on track and saved their season as well as what could have been his job.

Cincinnati came into this game hoping to get some respect back for the Big East but were only able muster up 7 points as they fell 20-7 to the Hokies. The Hokies picked off Cinci QB Tony Pike four times but it was VT's running back Darren Evans that stole the show with 153 yards rushing and a TD on 28 carries. This win for Viriginia Tech snapped the ACC's 8 game losing streak in the BCS.

Harvin Will Give it a Go

Percy Harvin, the spark plug of the Florida offense, will be playing in Thursday's championship game. Harvin went down with a high ankle sprain in the regular season finale against Florida State but the Gators will have him back for the big one.

Harvin, a junior, is Florida's best receiver and also helps out as running back in Urban Meyer's spread offense. An electric player, Harvin has been nagged by injuries his entire career but has caught a career high 7 touchdowns so far this year even while missing two games. Having him healthy for OU could very well be the difference maker for the Gators. The question after the game will be whether or not he stays for his senior season with the Gators. If he has a big championship game he will most likely make the jump.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Utah Dominates Alabama; Saban Looks for Backdoor

Pretty much from the start the Utah Utes controlled this year's Sugar Bowl against Alabama. They become the first non-BCS team to win two BCS bowls and have a legitimate case for a national championship berth but the current system does not allow such things.

Utah QB Brian Johnson went off on Nick Saban's defense and racked up 336 yards passing and three touchdowns. The Utes defense also had a big day as they picked off John Parker Wilson twice and sacked him eight times, the last forcing a fumble that killed all hopes of a comeback. 'Bama missed their big tackle Andre Smith who usually propels the Crimson Tides power running game. 'Bama did not push around the Utes like they have other teams all year. The Utah defense played fast and disciplined. They did not submit to Nick Saban's will.

The Tide made it interesting early in the second half when they scored 17 unanswered points but Utah stepped on their throats with another Brian Johnson TD pass and then cruised to the W.

Nick Saban looked particularly restless on the sidelines as he paced around and watched his team get manhandled by the Mountain West Conference. Saban has now been in Alabama for two years I wonder if he is eyeing that NFL...

Utah beat every team they faced this year which includes Oregon State (who beat USC), TCU, BYU and now Alabama. They have made a serious bid for a national title but like USC it will never happen in the system we have now. Imagine a USC, Utah match up... really just imagine it because that is as close as we will come.

Does USC Have a Case for the National Championship?

USC started the season with national title expectations but a major hiccup prevented them from reaching their true potential. But after thrashing Penn State in the Rose Bowl does USC have a case for the national championship? The answer is no.

First of all it really is USC's own fault they are not in this game. You cannot forget the fact that they lost to Oregon State. If they win that game and then they get snubbed they truly do have a case but the lost and you can't ignore that.

What USC really does have a case for is a playoff. Yet again its BCS bowl season and were discussing the flaws in the system but it is a team like this that reminds us why you need to have a playoff system. I mean saying that the Trojans and Texas do not make a legitimate case for the national championship is just crazy talk. With so many great programs it is just unrealistic to believe that only two teams deserve the right to play for the title.

I am pro-USC; I always enjoy watching them play and would love to see them play for a national title but in the end it is their own fault. They don't have a case for the national title under the BCS system. They do have a case for a revamp of the system.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Taylor Mays is a freak. 6-3 230 pounds of pure metal. This is a hit from today's Rose Bowl. While he was flagged for helmet to helmet its fun to watch him kill a man.

What Does JoePa Do Anyway?

Look I understand the guy had hip surgery recently and is 80+ but when you spend the game in the press box and can't even talk to your team at halftime I think you have to start really wondering what the hell JoePa is doing at Penn State.

I get that he is a figure head and all that jazz about history and wins and whatever but if I was a tax payer in Pennyslvania, which thankfully I'm not, I would be pissed that my tax money is paying for that old guy to tell the team "play Penn State football."

USC Rolls Again; Big Ten Flounders

Well after being ridiculed for claiming that Penn State and the Big Ten did not belong in the Rose Bowl I was proven correct. Yet again USC just pummeled Penn State and demolished the Big 10 for the third year in a row.

At the start it looked like the Nittany Lions really came to play as they stayed with USC in the first quarter. Their defense kept the Trojans in check and their offense moved the ball well. The second quarter was another story. Penn State committed penalties, turned the ball over and just let USC blow the game wide open. Mark Sanchez tore apart the Nittany Lions for 413 passing yards, which is second most all time in the Rose Bowl, and 5 total TDs. The Trojans were also without two major weapons, FB Stanley Havili and RB Joe McKnight.

Penn State did make it interesting after being down 31-7 at half but in the end it was a very solid thrashing by the Trojans. What was supposed to be possibly the best game of the BCS season ended up being somewhat disappointing.

Pete Carroll improves to 6-1 in BCS Bowls and goes to 5-0 against the Big 10. So I'll ask the question yet again; is it time for the Rose Bowl to eliminate the Pac-10 v Big-10 tie in?