Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Does JoePa Do Anyway?

Look I understand the guy had hip surgery recently and is 80+ but when you spend the game in the press box and can't even talk to your team at halftime I think you have to start really wondering what the hell JoePa is doing at Penn State.

I get that he is a figure head and all that jazz about history and wins and whatever but if I was a tax payer in Pennyslvania, which thankfully I'm not, I would be pissed that my tax money is paying for that old guy to tell the team "play Penn State football."


GM said...

where do you live? Cause in other states they are paying their coaches ALOT more than JoePa. He gets just over half a million a season and he donates a lot back to the university.

I don't think Joe has really "coached" the players in a few years. I don't think Bobby Bowden coaches the players either. Or Mack Brown or Pete Carroll. I think all of them COACH the coaches and then the coaches coach the players.

But Joe does need to go. He has been there long enough and he should leave and let someone else take over. And I have been saying that for years and will continue to do so. But I also feel that he has EARNED the opportunity to leave when he wants and should NOT be fired.

Remember that collegiate athletics are not ALL ABOUT WINNING. It truly is about these kids getting an education. And that is something Joe has always done.

Joe S. said...

I live in Jersey so I'm sensitive to my state tossing around money at Schiano. The scandals of the last year have been sickening.