Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heisman Watch: Week 13

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Colt McCoy

With Graham Harrell's loss to OU, McCoy sneaks his way into the top spot and deservedly so. Performance Grade: No game last weekend

Sam Bradford

A huge game for him against Tech but you don't become the front-runner overnight. The sophomore thing will loom over him. If McCoy has a poor game on Thursday against A&M and Bradford lights it up then he may take over the top spot. Performance Grade: A-

Graham Harrell

Oh how the mighty have fallen. A QB from Texas Tech could really only win the Heisman if he were to lead his team to an undefeated season and a BCS championship game. That won't be happening now. Performance Grade: C+

Tim Tebow

He is not going to win this race by any means but hes playing great right now and should steal some votes from the other players and alter the race. Performance Grade: B (did not play past second half)

This is a two horse race between Bradford and McCoy. I've said that more than once and boy was I wrong (with different players). This will come down to the last game and really any of these four could take it but it does appear to be down to McCoy and Bradford. We shall see how the last few games pan out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Lowly State of Notre Dame Football

Charlie Weiss was once believed to be the savior, the hero, the messiah. With this warrior at the helm it was only a matter of time till the national titles and Heisman trophies poured into South Bend, or so they thought.

Fast forward to now and the state of Irish football is in complete disrepair. This team is 9-16 in the last 25 games. Which includes only two wins over teams with a winning record. They were 3-7 last year and currently sit at 6-5 this year with an almost certain loss coming this weekend against USC. Charlie Weiss no longer looks like a hero, but rather the villian.

The tipping point came this past weekend against Syracuse. They had a 13 point lead in the fourth quarter and managed to lose by a point to one of the worst teams in the country. Some players on the team said after the game that the sideline was dead. There was no passion. That falls completely to the head coach. He can't be blamed for everything that happens on the field but the sideline is his domain. It is 100% his job to get his team in the right mindset to play the game. He has to instill that killer instinct in his team. They have to want to step on the other teams throat... push their head under while they are drowning. All the best teams know how to go for the jugular. The Irish are about as dangerous as a flower.

What is even worse is that there is so much pure talent on this team that is going to waste. The last three recruiting classes have all been top-10 classes, including last years class which Rivals ranked #2. They have one of the best QB prospects of the last 5 years and he is being squandered away. Their 2009 class, which is still being built, is projected to be another top-10 class. There is no doubt that this program has loads of talent but they are getting nothing out of it. That falls on the head coach. His job is not only to bring in the players but to get their potential out of them. This should not be a "decent" football team, as Weiss himself put it. Their recruiting classes rank with LSU, USC, Florida and Texas. Those teams are fighting for championships, not winning records. If Charlie Weiss can't squeeze the talent out of these kids something is very very wrong and they must get a coach who can utilize these exceptional atheletes.

This weekend could very well be Charlie Weiss's last as the Notre Dame coach. While I somewhat doubt that he will be fired this year he is without a doubt on the hotseat. There are a number of good coaching prospects out there and Notre Dame should seriously consider severing ties with Weiss, who still has 7 years left on his 10 year contract, and going after a coach who thinks outside of the box and who can build a program. Someone with college football expierence. Not Tom Brady expierence.

Lets talk about polls

Now that Texas Tech shit the bed against Oklahoma this past weekend who knows what the hell is going on anymore. So lets break it down.


1) Alabama- No surprise here. They have a lock on the top spot but they still have to deal with Auburn next weekend.

2) Texas- This ranking is going to be very important for Texas. If all three (Texas, TTU, OU) win next week the team with highest BCS ranking will get into the title game...

3) Oklahoma- They have Oklahoma State next week, #11, so that could help them leapfrog Texas if both teams win.

4) Florida- They are probably playing the best football in the country right now (sounds like USC last year). Florida somewhat controls their own destiny. If they can beat Alabama in the SEC title game that should put them in the national championship.

5) USC- The Trojans need a lot of help to sniff the championship game. Right now they may not even win their conference. They have a shot at an at-large bid if the win this weekend, though.

6) Utah- Can you say the new Boise State?!?! (ironically Boise State had a perfect season). Who knows what this team can do against the big boys but the program did beat Pitt a few years ago back when Alex Smith was at the helm. It will be interesting to see the matchup they get.

7) Texas Tech- They still have a shot because if then can sneak into the Big XII title game and win they are in the BCS and who knows what the will happen above them.

Week 13 Roundup

Georgia Tech 41 Miami 23

Every one in the ACC is just not good. Whenever someone looks like they are going to march into the title game they find a way to make it very interesting.

Utah 48 BYU 24

This should be all that Utah needs to get into a BCS bowl. A perfect season with some quality wins including this one over BYU, who was thought to be a BCS crasher as well. This will make Utah's second BCS bowl. Not to bad. Guess Urban Meyer really started something special there.

Oklahoma 65 Texas Tech 25

Well then. This just made the who BCS picture very confusing (and the Heisman). With one week left in the season Texas, TTU and OU are all tied atop the Big XII south. If they all remain tied after next week GUESS WHAT!? The BCS computers will decide who plays Missouri for the conference title. Texas has Texas A&M, TTU has Baylor and OU has it the hardest with 11 Oklahoma State.

Penn State 49 Michigan State 18

Well Penn State gets to represent the Big 10 in the Rose Bowl. Will they be the next great Big-10 team to crumble at the feet of the Pac-10?

Oregon State 19 Arizona 17

The Beavers kept the dream alive with a late game-winning field goal from Justin Kahut. They take on Oregon next week with the conference championship and BCS game on the line. USC and Pete Carroll are feeling mighty nervous. Althought they can still claim an at-large bid.

Florida State 37 Maryland 7

Maryland is just hilarious. Ranked team=no problem. Non-ranked team=loss. Thats the ACC for you.

Ohio State 42 Michigan 7

This doesn't surprise anyone but this will make Rich Rod's off-season a lot longer. Look for Michigan to greatly improve next year. Rich Rod knows what hes doing and If you don't believe it look at WVU after his first year. Michigan, though, has nothing going for them. Their cars suck and BOTH football teams suck.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Site Update

Thanks to anyone who actually stops by and reads us here. I have a few site updates to announce:

1) BOTF is joining the yardbarker network over the next few days. If you read an article and you like click it then the "bark it up" icon which will help increase traffic through the network.

2) Over the next two weeks I will be doing a bit of traveling and will not be able to post this weekend or next weekend. I will have posts Monday- Thursday next week. Thanks for your patience.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I cant stop hating on the BCS... its like a crack addiction

It is funny to me that BCS officials complain that a playoff would suck the regular season of all of its intensity. If that were true I would be against a playoff. If. All that has to be done is say that only conference winners get into the playoff and each and every one of these games means exactly the same thing... if not more. The Cincinnati and Pitt game would mean one of these teams could play for a shot at the national title. Miami and Georgia Tech would be looking down that same road. Think of much more intense these regular season games would be. I just don't get it. They talk to college football fans like we are idiots.

Week 13 Preview

The final weeks are upon us and there are some big time games this weekend and a lot championship dreams hang in the balance. Rivalry week tends to bring out the best in college football.

Michigan at Ohio State

Whats that? Michigan isn't good? No shit... but a rivalry is a rivalry and this should hopefully be a good game. Rich Rod could use a little momentum, although he will be fine at Michigan it just takes time.

Miami at Georgia Tech

This game kicks off on Thursday night and should prove to be a good one. Miami was written off early in the season, after the loss to Florida, but they have responded nicely and are poised to take the ACC coastal. A win all but seals the deal.

Citadel at Florida

I'm calling the upset alert!!!! Just kidding it is going to be a bloodbath. Florida's offense is firing on all cylinders.

Michigan State at Penn State

This game has the makings of a classic. Penn State, is still reeling from the title crushing loss, but have a chance to take a trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. Michigan State has flown under the radar for the most part this season but they are a good football team. A win over Penn State can help propel them into a top-tier bowl.

Oregon State at Arizona

Who thought that the beavers would be staring down a Pac-10 Championship this season. Their shocking win over USC has put them on the verge of an incredible feat. Do not sleep on Arizona, however, they had a significant win over Cal mid season and almost stole one from USC.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

This game is critical to the Big East... if anyone cares. Whoever wins will control their own destiny in the conference and a chance at a BCS bowl.

BYU at Utah

This game could have had even more implications had BYU not lost to TCU earlier in the year. But it is Utah's chance to shine. A win over the Mormons should all but lock up a BCS game and the millions of dollars that come with it. This would be Utah's second BCS game. Not too bad for a MWC team.

Texas Tech and Oklahoma

THE... BIGGEST... GAME... OF... THE... YEAR... Easily. Also the biggest in Texas Tech history. A win for Tech and they are just one step away from the BCS national championship game. A win would also seal (most likely) the Heisman for Harrell. The Sooners are a very very good football team. Some think they should be in the title game. This is going to be one of those leave everything on the field type games.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It is Official

The BCS and ESPN agreed to the deal that totals nearly $500 million. Great.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Evil Empires Strikes Again

This afternoon we got word that FOX will not be matching ESPN's very substantial $500 million bid for the BCS bowl games. While the deal is not official (the BCS needs to accept it first) there is no doubt that the BCS will be moving from free TV to cable.

While a large number of people do indeed get ESPN there is no reason that sporting events should be moving to pay television. There is no reason to deny people who love college football a chance to watch the biggest games of the year. It is bad enough that some teams (Yankees) and conferences (big-ten) have moved a large majority of their games to cable networks but now ESPN is establishing themselves among the biggest sporting events of the year. They recently gobbled up the British Open and will show the event exclusively on their network. Two major championships have made their way to cable. With increasing profits continuing to pour in for the network we could be looking at an ESPN hosted Super Bowl or World Series.

Again and again the BCS slaps college football fans in the face. It is all about the money and they can never say anything more. Screw you for even trying to pretend that its not. What has the BCS done with their previous 80 millon per game that they need so much more. One thing is for sure they have not made any revisions to the system. But surprise surprise the university presidents saw a chance to pick up even more blood money and spit on the fans that once walked their hallowed campuses.

Sports and especially championships should be available to anyone who wants to watch them from the comfort of their own home. As much as I dislike Fox's terrible broadcast team and useless shots of the college bands and all that nonsense ESPN does not represent a significant upgrade. There is no such thing as good sports broadcasting. More importantly though this is not an elitist event open only to those that have decided to purchase cable. If I were you I would root for the Utahs and the Boise States so the same 10 schools don't get richer and richer.

Barack Bumps uglies with the BCS

Well in case you have missed it although I don't know how you could. BARACK OBAMA HATES THE BCS!

Yes kids that is right. Our president elect is ready to throw his weight around and get some real changes done! Screw the economy! Forget global warming! Go club a baby seal!

But all jokes aside I love it. I really do.

What makes me laugh is all the haters out there that complain he is wasting our time talking about the BCS and was just trying to embezzle a few extra votes. The guy is a fan and nothing more. He is in a unique position to actually do something about it; more so than any lowly blogger. Anyone who has ever hated on the BCS should be praising this move. While I doubt that anything will come of it, because sooner or later Obama will start to tackle real problems and the post-election honeymoon will fade away, he just might provide the shot in the arm that anti-BCS guerrillas needed.

Granted, the BCS commissioner has already basically told Barack to back off I hope Obama does not just drop the issue. I hope he keeps pressing and gets a serious dialogue going because lets be honest the BCS is not around to preserve the sanctity of the regular season. You are bullshitting yourself if you believe that and if you believe the nonsense that comes out of John Swofford mouth. The reason we have the BCS, and all subsequent bowls for that matter, is the benjamins baby (money, bucks, dollars or whatever you want to call it). Schools don't just have to make it to the national championship or an exclusive playoff to cash in on their success. A trip to the Orange Bowl or even the Texas Bowl means major dollars for schools that don't exploit their athletes enough.

No I really don't think Barack will bring about the change necessary. Although he does have that catchy slogan about the glove not fitting... I do enjoy seeing our President showing some passion and some heart in a job that might rob him of both. He has at least four and possibly eight years to try and get everything under the sun done for our country. Why not bully the BCS a little?

Heisman Watch: Week 12

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Graham Harrell

He had to week off but is gearing up for a huge game against Oklahoma this weekend. This season Harrell has thrown for 4,077 yards and 36 touchdowns and still has room for improvement. He also left us with this gem (see the video at the bottom). Keanu?

Colt McCoy

24 and 35 for 255 yards and two touchdowns in a solid win over Kansas. He also added another 78 yards on the ground and a score. This season McCoy has put up some big time numbers.3,134 yards and 30 TDs through the air and a team-leading 527 yards and another 8 scores on the ground. He is on pace to break the NCAA record for completion percentage. Performance Grade: B

The Heisman race is two horse.... well race. Sam Bradford is out because hes a sophomore and same goes for Crabtree. If Harrell wins this weekend at OU and takes the Big XII title then it looks like he is well on his way to the trophy and as all Heisman winners before him; a prolific and successful pro football career!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Coaches Corner

Some new coaching vacancies have opened up across the country, especially in the past few weeks. If your looking to woo Tennessee farm boys or whatever the kind of people are in Washington then we may just have your job posting.


After 10 years of Tommy Bowden's own brand of underachievement the Tigers have moved on. Right now the top candidate appears to be Phillip Fulmer, formerly of Tennessee. There is also talk of Lane Kiffin, the ex-Raiders coach and former USC offensive coordinator.


The Vols appear to be doing their homework and shopping their program. They have apparently contacted Lovie Smith of the Bears and Jon Gruden of the Buccaneers (although neither is expected to take the job). Butch Davis and David Cutcliffee both have said they are staying at North Carolina and Duke, respectively. Although with coaches who the hell knows (see Saban Nick and Petrino, Bobby). Also Mike Leach, Texas Tech head coach, has been mentioned.


Just this morning Greg Robinson was fired from the 'Cuse. There is not many details about who will step in next. Wouldn't be surprised if names like Skip Holtz, Randy Edsall, Chris Peterson and Lane Kiffin show up on the radar.


Another Tyrone Willingham flameout... are you surprised? The names coming up for this job include Gary Pinkel, head coach of Missouri, Dave Christiansen, Missouri offensive coordintaor, Will Muschamp, Texas defensive coordinator, Chris Peterson, Boise State head coach and Seahawks assistant Jim Mora Jr.

Week 12 Roundup

Alabama 32 Mississippi State 7

As I am sure you have heard Mississippi State has beaten Alabama the last two years but this year is a different story. They have Auburn next week which is no sleeper game, no game in the SEC is, but Alabama shouldn't have many problems and they will cruise into the SEC championship game against Florida.

Texas 35 Kansas 7

Well Kansas just does not have the magic of last year. Texas is a damn good team. They are too good to keep out of the championship picture, even with the loss to tech. Playoff?

Florida 56 South Carolina 7

The return for the old ball coach to the swamp was not too enjoyable. Urban Myer has his team focused and firing on all cylinders. They are on a crash course for Alabama in the SEC championship game. I'm wet just thinking about it.

USC 45 Stanford 23

USC has suffered more than anyone from strength of schedule. That loss to Oregon State has just been to much to overcome; in fact it may cost them the Pac-10 championship.

Ohio State 30 Illinois 20

Somehow Ohio State may sneak their way into the Rose Bowl. They need some help from Penn State next week to capture the Big 10 title. Also they need to beat Michigan but do you really expect them to lose?

NC State 21 Wake Forest 17

What a disappointing team. Wake should have won this conference by default. This should have been the easiest trips to a BCS game of all time. But alas when you lose to NC State, Maryland and Miami you don't stand much of a chance.

Friday, November 14, 2008

University of Charlotte Football Timeline

The University of Charlotte has recently announced their plans to start a football program by 2010. The eventual goal is FBS football but this is our time line for how things will play out.

November 2008- First ESPN article. Always important.

May 2011- Herman Edwards is hired as coach prompting FIREHERMEDWARDS.com. Congrats Charlotte people already hate you!

September 2012- University president announces school will fall short of $45 million plan. Football will start in 2014.

September 2014- First game against Northern Iowa is a blowout... Herm Edwards informs press that he plays to win the game... no one asked....

December 2014- Charlotte gets first win over lowly Eastern Washington. TAKE THAT YOU DAMN... wait... whats Eastern Washington's mascot?

August 2015- People forget there is football in Charlotte.

September 2016- First player is charged with assault and rape. WELCOME TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

June 2020- After a few strong years in the FCS Charlotte decides to try luck at FBS and joins ACC.

August 2020- Herm Edwards pulls a JoePa and refuses to step aside.

September 2020- Herm Edwards dies.

September 2020- A real coach is hired (its the future... I don't know his name)

December 2022- Charlotte plays in the Deadspin.com Bowl (yes sir), the first in school history.

December 2023- Wins first ACC title and reaches first BCS bowl.

January 2023- After upsetting Syracuse, the present dynasty of college football, Disney announces plan for a movie chronically the University of Charlotte's rise to success. Barack Obama is slated to play Herm Edwards.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bobby Two Face

Earlier this week FSU was getting all the positive press in the world. Myron Rolle, the New Jersey product, had to balance his football schedule and a Rhodes Scholar interview. He chose the interview over a critical game against Maryland later this month. Kudos to Myron and FSU.

Yesterday, however, the Florida State we know and love surfaced. The details are hazy but apparently a fight broke out between the football players and the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. I suspect the fight was for campus supremacy. Ya know? Whose the coolest kid on campus.. that kinda thing. There have been reports that chairs were flying. I for one can't wait for the youtube video. Well done FSU.

Week 12 Preview

Can you smell the BCS controversy???? Cause I sure can!

8 Penn State vs Indiana

Well their BCS title hopes are all but gone but the Nittany Lions are still looking the Rose Bowl square in the eyes. Indiana isn't too special but don't be surprised if the wind has been sucked out of happy valley's sails. I don't think State will lose but it wont be pretty.

4 Florida vs 25 South Carolina

Granted Florida is already in the SEC championship game against Alabama but if Urban Meyers crew wants to go to the big dance then they are going to need to win out. A loss to lesser South Carolina would ruin their season.

16 North Carolina at Maryland

The Terps had won 6 in a row until last weeks loss to Virginia Tech. They have an outside shot at the ACC Atlantic division but they can't afford to lose again. They are 3-0 against ranked teams so far this season (Cal, Clemson and Wake) and 5-0 at home. UNC is staring down a birth in the ACC championship game but this Maryland game is their last big hurdle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its like Little Giants but with Real People

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... this is not legal...

Heels are for Real

No doubt you've seen enough powder-blue and Tyler Hansbourgh on the basketball court recently but it looks like over the next few years your going to be seeing a lot more of that baby cow blue on the gridiron.

The University of North Carolina Tar Heels are methodically working their way up to the upper levels of college football. They are currently ranked #17 in the country and have their eyes set on the ACC championship, which would be their first since 1980.

From 2001 to 2006 this program went 27-45 and was the laughing stock of college football. Now bring in Butch Davis and in two years he has completely changed the attitude of UNC football.

The team has swagger that starts with one of the better defenses in the country and trickles down to the rest of the team. Their running game is emerging as one of the best around the country. They have a great combination backfield with Ryan Houston and Shaun Draughn. Daughn is the speedy, every down type, back and Houston the big bruiser for the goal line and short yardage situations.

UNC ran wild against Georgia Tech on Saturday, picking up 160 yards on the ground and two touchdowns. More importantly though it was the big-late game runs that sealed an important victory for the Tar Heels. Winning in the trenches is the key to any football team and UNC is dominating the line. It took a few changes, like moving former RB Greg Little to WR and Draughn, a former safety to RB, but the Tar Heels have finally found a winning formula.

Where you can really see the change is in the off field recruiting war. Butch Davis is slowly putting together a top 15 class this year. Just last week the #5 receiver, Jheranie Boyd, committed to the Heels. The other big names of their class include 5 star DE Donte Moss and QB Bryn Renner who participated in Elite 11 this year. Renner is expected to really blossom at the next level and could be the best QB from this class with the right coaching. This strong 2009 class builds on their 2007 class that was widely considered the best in Tar Heel history.

With the ACC struggling this year and possibly for the next few years UNC could really emerge as a big time program. They seem to be moving forward will the ACC is moving backwards. The big question will come in the off season, however. Butch Davis has attracted the attention from big time programs like Tennessee. Is North Carolina ready to pay the price to win?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CBS Senior writer= Facist

Dennis Dodd, senior writer for CBS sports, wrote this wonderfully enlightened piece in which he discusses the BCS. As you many know I HATE THE BCS. But lets take a look at what Mr. Dodd had to say:

"You want a playoff, you got it. Right now....with an eight-team playoff in place Alabama-Florida would be for seeding. Both teams would be safely in the bracket. The same for Texas Tech-Oklahoma on Nov. 15."

I don't think Mr. Dodd really understands the point of a playoff. Its post-season play. According to his logic the Patriots win the Superbowl and upsets don't happen. We play the games for a reason. Sure these regular season matches matter a hell of a lot but theres a huge fundamental difference. In a playoff you know that if you win out you'll be the champion as opposed to winning and hoping that a computer will tell you that you are the champion.

He goes on to say:

"But I also never want to see Michigan-Ohio State be for playoff seeding. Thankfully, that magic, emotional tragic week in 2006 during which Bo died and No. 1 played No. 2 is sealed in the time capsules of our minds. I wouldn't ever want bracket speculation to ever spoil the lead up to that game."

Come on now... do you really think the fans of this game will let rivalry games fall by the way-side. Lloyd Carr won a national championship at Michigan but that was soon forgotten because he couldn't beat Ohio State. You could also limit the playoff system so that only conference winners get in. That way you keep the intensity of late regular season games. Also throw in two at-large teams from non BCS conferences to give them a shot. Boom eight teams. I bet you Michigan and Ohio State would matter if it was to get into a playoff.

This one is my favorite:

" I don't know if the suits, the bowls, the fans the tradition-bound SEC -- could ever put up with Boise State suddenly getting hot and hoisting the glass football."

Are you kidding me? This is your argument. The SEC wouldn't like it if an underdog won. Wa Wa. Ya know what? They can stop that by winning. That is the point of the playoff. If you want it bad enough you can go and get it. All the SEC has to do to prevent that is to beat Boise State straight up in a playoff. And since when is not OK for an underdog to win. That idea is at the heart of college basketball. Why not football? Why shouldn't teams get a chance just because they don't have the tradition of the SEC conference. Thats absurd. This is about stepping on that field and playing your heart out not about the parades and history of yester-year. The here and now.

Gamea are played for a reason. A computer should not dictate who gets to play for the championship. There is a difference between regular season and post season. It appears Mr. Dodd wasn't taught that.

This just in: Charlie Weiss likes Alphabet Cereal

After another loss by the Irish (are you really surprised?) Charlie Weiss has come to the rescue. The head coach has said that he will get a more active role in play calling. He was indeed brought in because of his play-calling skill at New England but don't forget he was calling plays last year and the Irish..well... under-performed. Charlie also left us with this gem:

"It comes down to X's and O's. To be honest with you, when it gets to that point, I think that's when we have the greatest advantage, I think when it comes down to X's and O's, if it comes down to everything being equal and it's X's and O's, I have to believe we're going to win most of the time. I have to believe that."

I got nothing.

Week 11 Roundup

Alabama 27 LSU 21

This is a big time win for 'bama. When it comes to the BCS you can never have enough wins over ranked teams. Florida sits at the end of the season as well as the SEC Championship game. It is too early to tell but this was a major step in the right direction.

Texas Tech 56 Oklahoma State 20

Also a big win for Texas Tech, who followed up their win over #1 Texas with a thorough victory over #9 Oklahoma State. The Sooners are up next week and if Tech can take them down there will be no doubt that they are one of the best teams in the land.

Iowa 24 Penn State 23

Well then... Penn State really blew this chance. There was always something about that Iowa team that had me wondering. Penn States title hopes are gone.

USC 17 Cal 3

USC can blame their strength of schedule for their absence from the national championship and oh YA... Oregon State

Utah 13 TCU 10

I don't know much about Utah... they don't really show Utah games in England... well they dont really show any games in England but that is beside the point. Keep an eye on this one. They look like they will bash the BCS partaaay.

Wake Forest 28 Virginia 17

This is a big time win for Wake because after Maryland's loss on Thursday the deacons are back in the lead in the ACC Atlantic. They have Boston College in two weeks which will determine whether or not they can get into the conference championship.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Legend Falls

Any Tennessee fan can tell you what Phillip Fulmer meant to the Volunteers. Everything. While the last few years may have been rough no college football fan can doubt Fulmer for a second.

From 1995 to 1998 the Vols went 45-5 picking up two SEC titles and a National Championship. He is 150-51 during his 17 years coaching the Vols

He was as good a recruiter as they come. Peyton Manning, Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry, Peerless Price, Jason Witten, Shaun Ellis and Donte Stallworth all suited up for Fulmer

Even last year he was able to lead Erik "interception" Ainge and a weak Tennessee team to the SEC championship game.

Coaches don't last 17 years in the SEC yet somehow every year Fulmer continued to win. It is one of those rare stretches of dominance that comes around once every 10 years (See Pete Carrol USC). But he did it in the SEC. The toughest college football battleground there is. Coaches were fired because of the sheer fact that they couldn't down the Vols.

Above all else he was a class act. During those 17 years Tennessee had no major NCAA sanctions levied against them. Peyton Manning said "His legacy at Tennessee will be that he built men and won championships. He will always be my coach.”

While the last few seasons may have been painful there is no doubt that Fulmer should be considered a hero in Knoxville. Champions always should be.

Heisman Watch: Week 10

Well we are now out of Heisman previews and onto the race. This is what our top contenders did this weekend and where they stand.

Colt McCoy

While the Longhorns may have faltered McCoy is in the drivers seat of the Heisman clown car... dont worry its a hybrid. He threw for 290 and two touchdowns. He also lead Texas on an 11 play 80 yard drive late in the fourth quarter. Only problem was they scored to quick. Performance Grade: B

Sam Bradford

This guy is a machine. Over 300 yards passing and five touchdowns... again. Performance Grade: A-

Graham Harrell

474 yards and couple of touchdowns... oh and beat the #1 team in the nation. Performance Grade: A

Tim Tebow

This guy doesn't go away. You think hes dead (in the Heisman-sence... hes immortal in the death-scence). Five total TDs in one of the biggest rivalry games of the year. That will do it. Performance Grade: B+

Week 10 Roundup

Well then... I don't really know what to say...

Texas Tech 39 Texas 33

Michael Crabtree is a freak of nature. Hauls in the pass in double coverage and breaks free to score the winning touchdown with just a few ticks on the clock. That is impressive. There is a new sheriff in town (its Texas Tech). Texas really played like shit in this one and they still had a chance to pull it off. They are the best one-loss team around.

Alabama 36 Arkansas State 0

I don't know about you but I really though Arkansas State was going to take this game... (thats called sarcams ladies and gentleman)

USC 56 Washington 0

Its almost absurd how bad Washington is. Ty Willingham must have pissed on a bible or something because they have just had nothing go there way. See BYU

Florida 49 Georgia 10

This wasn't even close. I mean no where near it. Florida jumped out early and never looked back. The Gators can cruise into the SEC championship. Only one big game left against a non-conference Florida State.

Georgia Tech 31 Florida State 28

The ACC is out of control. They all suck so bad no one can consistently win. This loss brings Wake back into the conversation in the ACC Atlantic and gives Tech some cushion in the coastal.

P.S. This blog was 0-3 in predictions last week. I know i'm fucking good

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 10 Preview

1 Texas at 7 Texas Tech

This is the last big hurdle for the Longhorns. Texas Tech can run up the score; and run it up fast. The Texas secondary is a beat up with some injuries which could prove to be costly for the longhorns. Tech is in the middle of a monster stretch with Oklahoma State and Oklahoma in their next two games. The Longhorns, however, just seem too good and will take this one and end the Tech dream season.

Winner? Texas

8 Florida at 6 Georgia

Everyone remembers the celebration last year when the bulldogs entire team ran out for to celebrate a touchdown. Well if you have; you can bet that Urban Meyer and the gators have not. Both of these teams are 4-1 in the conference and who ever wins here will probably represent the east in the SEC championship game. The Gators are pretty damn good but I think a strong dose of Moreno will do the trick.

Winner? Georgia

15 Florida State at Georgia Tech

Who saw these two teams being major players in the ACC? I guess Tommy Bowden still has tricks up his sleeve. GT needs to win this weekend if they are going to chase down Virginia (who has a weak schedule down the stretch). Florida State has some potentially tough conference games left with BC and Maryland still on the slate.

Winner? Florida State